• Vegan Field Report: Ms. Cupcake in London

    July 3rd, 2010quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    hey everyone! time for our latest vegan field report from rachel who has been staying in london. here she reviews the delicious-sounding dessert maker, ms. cupcake! check it out:

    I have tried a lot of vegan cupcakes; everything from very dry, funny tasting ones to deliciously moist ones, but none can ever come close to those baked by Ms. Cupcake. Based in London, Ms. Cupcake provides amazingly rich and decadent cupcakes in a huge variety of flavors. As a former primary school teacher, Ms. Cupcake can now officially say, “I bake cupcakes for living” because she is a hit at both the Greenwich and Brick Lane Markets where she sells at.

    Decked out in adorable 1950’s attire, who wouldn’t want to buy sweets from her? I’ve tried far too many “you won’t feel guilty about these because they’re healthy” kind of cakes and those all fell under the dry and funny tasting category. But Ms. Cupcake provides vegans with a dessert so decadent that I don’t think I will ever eat another vegan cupcake unless it’s hers (so she better start shipping to the States…).

    The day I visited her at Brick Lane, she was offering 5 different flavors from her ever growing selection of recipes . I bought four of them (no, I didn’t eat them all by myself, I shared with others): Candied Pralines, Jaffa Cake, Strawberry N’ Cream and Ferrero Rocher.

    The Candied Pralines cupcake was out of this world, and definitely my favorite among the four. Candied pecans garnished on top of the sweet frosting gave a perfect bite to this lovely cupcake, it was so rich in flavor.

    I haven’t heard of Jaffa Cakes until Ms. Cupcake. She told me that they’re cakes/biscuits popular in the UK, and have the classic combination of chocolate and orange. As described on her menu, the Jaffa Cake cupcake has an “orange infused sponge, tart marmalade, with light orange-chocolate frosting.” I always liked the combination of those flavors, and this little cake blended them perfectly. It was the right amount of sweetness and tartness. From a design aspect, the orange swirl along the chocolate frosting really made for a nice presentation.

    Next up was Strawberry N’ Cream, which was so divine. To begin with, these cakes were just so cute- the pink and white swirled frosting was both pretty and tasty, and the fresh strawberry on top really added to it’s appeal. The vanilla sponge cake was so moist and sweet, with some strawberries awaiting inside.

    And lastly, the Ferrero Rocher cupcake…ah, it was a treat. I have never had a Ferrero Rocher, but it combines the flavors of hazelnut and chocolate, which can do no wrong. If I had ever tried a Ferrero Rocher, I’m sure I could say that this cupcake did it justice. It gives us vegans the satisfaction of having great hazelnut-infused chocolate cake and frosting, with crunchy roasted hazelnuts for a bit of a bite.

    Ms. Cupcake herself is pretty much as sweet as her cakes, and I can’t wait to see her again and try more flavors. I will be so sad going back to L.A. and not having great London markets to get great vegan cake at.

    In the mean time, I advise that all of you should get yourself down to either Greenwich Market, Brick Lane or Vx and buy yourself one (or two or three) cupcakes from Ms. Cupcake.

    Ms. Cupcake

    Greenwich Market
    Thursdays and Fridays

    The Tea Rooms on Brick Lane
    Saturday 11am-6pm
    Sunday 10am-6pm

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  • There must be more to life than cupcakes? Probably not!

    Nice review… Have to check it out.

  • Those cupcake flavors look amazing! I
    wish we had something like this in California.

    Keep up the good work, Ms. Cupcake!

  • Wish we had these vegan cupcakes in Los Angeles. The strawberry and cream ones look extremely lovely and delicious!!

  • Holy crap. Ferrero Rocher?!?! I used to INHALE those candies in my prevegan days.

  • omg ! they’re awsome (:

  • How lovely! I’m so honoured to have made it onto quarrygirl’s site. PLEASE everyone who finds themselves in London, come on down and visit! I’ll save an extra-special cake for each and everyone of you! X Ms. C

  • Those Ferrero Rocher cupcakes really do the chocolate justice! Ms Cupcake needs to export to Oz before the States! Sorry guys! LOL

  • Just had to add that in addition to those vegan cupcakes seeming quite delicious, that is also an awesome hat, apron and outfit. Looking fantastic!! 😀

  • I have bought cupcakes from her 3 times and can say they are awesome, delicious and beautiful. I’m so happy that Ms. Cupcake is in London.

  • Me going to get down to Greenwich market thursday and get me a jaffa cake flavour cup cake yummy :)))

  • I am from Los Angeles and was lucky enough to stumble upon this London gem while at Bricklane market last month, and I can honestly say after all of the LA/NYC vegan cupcake tasting I have done, these are absolutely light years ahead in the amazing department. Totally worth searching out, and she is such a sweetheart 🙂 Best of all, she sells cupcake carrying cases!!!

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