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    June 27th, 2010brittanyflorida, more restaurants (not LA)

    after a nice relaxing day on sanibel island, my folks and i stopped at pizza fusion in fort myers for some grub. my adorable mom was really excited to take me there, telling me during several conversations over the last few months there was a new pizza place with vegan pizza.

    i’ve been to pizza fusion here in LA, so i was interested to see how the fort myers location compared.

    first, we ordered alcohol. of course. my dad and i split a bottle ‘o cab and my mom sampled one of the local beers, which i tried. it was delicious!

    our 2nd priority was food (something has to soak up the booze). we started out with the flat bread. it was AMAZING.

    i had a pizza coming so i was trying to pace myself, but i couldn’t. i like to dip it in the olive oil and then the marinara sauce – the olive tapenade pictured above is NOT vegan. there is cheese in it, so stay away!

    very vegan: crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic, tomato sauce and soy cheese.

    for my meal i ordered the very vegan pizza on multi-grain crust. one thing about this location is, they only have follow your heart cheese. no daiya here! while i definitely prefer daiya and try to avoid FYH, i had to represent the vegans in southwest FL so i took one for the team. it was pretty good, the toppings were a little scarce but the sauce and the yummy crust made up for it. it’s even better when dipped in the extra marinara from the flatbread.

    despite the fact that they still use FYH, i’m super stoked about having a vegan pizza option when i go to my parents. 2 years ago i had absolutely NO restaurant options whatsoever and had to make all of my food, so it’s nice to have a place where i can kick back, drink some wine and stuff my face.

    pizza fusion
    12901 McGregor Blvd
    Suite 5
    Fort Myers, FL 33919
    Phone: 239-337-7979
    Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:00am -10:00pm Sunday: 11:00am – 9:00pm

    PS: qg here. check out this pic of our resident field reporter, brittany, who has been bringing you so many awesome blog posts! glad to have ya on the team, britt!

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  • That flatbread and dip stuff look so good!!
    And I’m suddenly in the mood for vegan pizza 😀

  • I grew up in Ft. Myers. Wish there had been restaurants to eat at back then! It sucked! Seriously, imagine living in a place where you can’t eat out ANYWHERE.

  • That flatbread looks great, I wish the vegan pizza delivery place here had an eat in option, it’s near the beach though so it’s perfect in summer!

  • That Britt chick seems like a lush. A hot lush that is.

  • I love the writing style. LOL, and yea a lot of booze references!

  • I am drunk right now. No joke.

  • I have never been so attracted to a vegan before in my life.

    And I am also drunk right now.


  • There’s a pizza fusion in Temecula, Ca as well. It is owned by vegans! They have vegan desserts too. The place is delicious, their vegetables are amazing.

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