• Vegan Field Report: Vx Secret Society of Vegans Shop in London

    June 26th, 2010quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    time for yet another vegan field report! this one comes from operative rachel, who is stationed across the pond in london. she covers one of my favorite companies, secret society of vegans (SSOV) in this entry…so READ UP! here goes:

    I walked down Euston Road, passed the beautiful St. Pancras Station and then made a left on Caledonian Road. I proceeded along the road and from a distance I saw something beautiful for my vegan eyes….Vx, home of the Secret Society of Vegans. There is nothing quite like Vx, and I’m glad I was able to go here this summer, just a few months after the store opened. Having visited SSOV’s previous Camden Town location, I was thrilled to see a larger space with more room for not only clothing, but also for food.

    An array of food and treats

    Vx has such treats as white chocolate bars, chocolate spread, gummy bears, biscuits, and Trios, which are vegan Oreos. In America, we have Newman-O’s, but those are not available in the UK, needless to say, Trios are a top-seller.

    Fridge of deliciousness

    Vx offers refrigerated goods like freshly baked cupcakes, cakes and whoopie pies by Ms. Cupcake (who is going to get a field report of her own…), raw chocolate, prepared sandwiches, cold sparkling sodas, and energy drinks. A local baking company, Accidentally Vegan, provides Vx with donuts (not pictured); like in L.A., quality vegan donuts are hide to find unless you go to Las Vegas, so these sell out fast.
    It was a bit overwhelming walking into a shop where I didn’t have to read the ingredients, and I look forward to visiting again and trying out more things before I head back to L.A.

    And of course there is clothing

    What first attracted me to SSOV were the creative and distinctive t-shirts and merchandise, all of which are designed by the founder, Rudee.

    The lounge

    At Vx, vegans can shop and lounge about on comfortable seating in a bright room. In the lounge, you can relax and order sweet hot or cold drinks, from teecinos to soyshakes. I ordered a cafe latte, but next time I’m definitely going to try a soyshake.

    Vx brings vegans together with monthly social nights. There is an upcoming game night that will include Twister and zombie games, and, not to forget, great vegan food.

    To all Londoners and tourists- please do yourself a favor and get yourself down to Vx ASAP.

    73 Caledonian Road
    London N1 9BT
    TEL: 020 7833 2315
    OPEN: TUES-SUN 10am-6.30pm

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  • This place looks cool , next time im in caledonian rd
    i will visit – “twister” mmmm im a bit too old for that – but…. zombie games …. cant wait !!

  • Wow, I didn’t even know SSOV had a new shop! I can’t wait to check this place out. Hope it’s successful!

  • That looks marvelous!! I hope some stores like this open in Los Angeles, I would totally shop at such a place. 😀

  • i don’t get it. why is there a shirt with the wu tang clan logo but instaed of wu-tang it says ve-gan??? not exactly what i would call “creative and distinctive”.

  • Trishells- go to their website to see more of their designs, which are different from those that were on display the day I took photos. 🙂

  • This place looks awesome. I’d love to go there, however it would mean a trip across the pond. Does the SSOV have any stores in the states? Oh for the day when everyone eats vegan… lol ;-D

  • I love SSOV! I have ordered their merch online, but I have never been to the store because I live in LA. There is a really cool glow in the dark tee with a skull on it.

    I am loving these England reports. I have always wanted to go to London. 🙁 Someday.

  • OOOOOOOOOO! I went to SSOV in Camden last year, but it wasn’t open! I can’t wait to visit and see the new space! I am jealous!

  • a very fine writeup on ssov, which i love. will be there in a few weeks and thanks to qg and the guest poster for reminding me!!!!

  • can’t wait to check it out, either in SEPT or MAR11!

  • Trishells, you sound like a fun person. We need more people like you in the vegan community.

  • i don’t mean to trash ssov. vegan stores are awesome and i’m sure they have lots of great stuff. i was actually hoping someone could explain the wu tang shirt to me. maybe the entire clan went vegan. maybe the shirt was made in germany where the “w” is pronounced like a “v”.


  • trishells – It’s a knockoff shirt. This was real popular in the 90s, and doesn’t necessarily mean the company is vegan. There’s a Nike vegan knock off out there that (I believe) said “Just Do It” on the front with the Nike swoosh, and said “GO VEGAN” on the back. Knockoff shirts are fun.

  • “Shaolin shadowboxing and the Vegan sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Vegans could be dangerous. Do you think your Vegan sword can defeat me? En garde, I’ll let you try my Vegan style.”

  • Wowza! So excited about this place. I live the other side of Euston station so not that far.. and as a newbie vegan can’t wait to visit- The homemade cakes sound especially awesome 🙂 I’m in Barcelona for a month right now and am actually wishing I was home just to go there!!

  • Trishells I think you’re looking too deeply for a “meaning” it’s a humourous adaptation of the Wu-Tang logo and excerpt from one of their samples on the back of the shirt.. as Rudee quoted above.. it’s for all those vegan Wu fans out there! I for one grew up loving WTC and thought the shirt was the best/funniest thing ever when I saw it! 🙂

    P.S – best shop EVER! chilling out with shakes or coffees catching up with friends and chatting with the lovely staff is the best way to spend a few hours..

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