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    June 17th, 2010brittanylenzini's pizza

    hey everyone, quarrygirl here. this is very exciting news. not only is there now a place to get vegan pizza delivered in north hollywood…but it’s cheap, authentic, take-out pizza as well. not fancy, specialty pizza like you find at most places in LA with vegan offerings. anyways, the following post is by field reporter brittany (of sick of lettuce). we’ve gone ahead and set her up with her very own qg username (check out the top of the post to see who it was written by), so after this i am gonna stop introducing her entries. enjoy!

    large pizza with vegan cheese, garlic, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and mushrooms. $13.69

    a couple days ago i got an email from QG alerting me to lenzini’s pizza in north hollywood, and the fact that they recently started offering vegan pizza. WHAAAT? i was a bit skeptical that a random pizza place in noho was offering vegan pizza, so i double-checked ahead of time and found that 1) they use daiya cheese and 2) the dough is vegan as well. SCORE! i, of course, immediately sprang in to action (by immediately i mean a day later) and walked down to lenzini’s for lunch with some of my co-workers.

    after a short stroll we arrived at lenzini’s and started picking out toppings. no faux meats on the topping menu, but there are a ton of yummy vegetable offerings. we decided to go with garlic, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and mushrooms on half – we had a mushroom hater in the group.

    this pizza was delicious! the crust was light and airy, the sauce was great, there was tons of melty daiya, and the toppings were generous & fresh. we ended up getting a large and it cost $13.69 – i was expecting it to be more but they have a lot of specials posted. i was honestly a little confused by all the signage they have going on inside the shop and i don’t know which special we ended up getting, but i’m not complaining because i’m used to paying at LEAST $20 for a large vegan pizza, usually more.

    we chose to dine in because we were hungry and didn’t want to walk back to our office and delay our eating time any longer, but lenzini’s is probably more of a take-out place. there are a few tables, though, if you are impatient like we were.

    our pizza disappeared faster than it arrived (which was pretty quickly) and everyone left feeling pretty satisfied. even the omni in our group enjoyed the vegan cheese! i am a little afraid of how dangerously close this place is to my office, though, and have the feeling that there will be EVEN MORE pizza consumption in my future.

    lenzini’s pizza
    5044 Lankershim Blvd
    North Hollywood CA 91601
    Phone order :818-506-0200 Fax:818-506-7997

    Sunday-Thursday 11am – 10:30pm
    Friday and Saturday 11am – midnight

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  • That looks pretty awesome. Better and much cheaper than the zpizza I’ve been getting. But I live in Santa Monica 🙁

  • I have been ordering Pizza from Joe Peeps and get it without cheese. I know the owners and they are very careful that what I order is vegan. We even saw the delivery guy at Ralphs the other day and he refers to us as the Cheese-less people…

    I am loosing my love of Daiya…it just never tastes right on pizza. Also I am a big fan of waking up and eating leftover pizza, and I noticed that Daiya never hardens after it’s been cooked. So it kinda stays like a gooey nasty mess.

    As for Lenzini’s, I will give them a try…since they are right up the street. We are always looking for different pizza places.

  • This couldn’t be around when I lived right around the corner? (Then again, Daiya wasn’t yet around, so I wouldn’t have been able to get it anyway.)

    Next time I’m in the area I am soooo ordering that to go. I wonder what their delivery radius is…

  • I just keep staring at that pizza. Wow it looks delicious.

  • Ok, NOW my life is in capslock.

  • I love me some Cruzer and Purgatory and occasionally gourmet style z pizza but sometimes I crave that familar conventional cheap pizza from a place like this. Yay for more options! 🙂

  • organic whole wheat crust, too! great find!

  • Wow! I think having cheap vegan options is truly the key to making vegan pizza mainstream. That’s pretty amazing.

  • Hmmm. That pizza looks like it would be very gooey and sloppy in the center with a crust that flops over. When I was vegan I worked at Arinells in SF and I always found the best “vegan pizza” option was a Sicilian with no cheese but tons of toppings. I agree with the above commenter that vegan cheese doesn’t work on pizza. You’re better off just sprinkling on some brewers yeast instead. Just my opinion.

  • That’s terrific!! Am now in the mood for vegan pizza 😀

  • Wow that is an excellent price point for a large vegan pizza! I love me some Cruzer but can’t help but feel a little kooky when I spend $20 plus on a take-out pizza.

  • 21 Pizza @ Balboa and Chatsworth in Granada Hills also has a vegan option with FYH cheese and a large pizza is $9. It’s great for when no one feels like cooking and we just want some junky take out pizza.

  • Cool, the Valley is pretty vast and the vegan options are sparse. We’ll take them wherever we can, mini-malls included.

    Would you call this a sign of gentrification? I think that mini-mall used to have a barber shop called BROTHA 2 BROTHA.

  • Oh GOD. This place is way too close to me. Ready, set, GET FAT!

  • Looks amazing! We were in San Francisco earlier this week and ate at Amiccis, who have thankfully switched their “vegan” cheese (ahem…it had casein) to “truly vegan cheese” (Follow Your Heart).

    It’s so much fun to find a pizza place that will satisfy our lust for pizza. xo

  • YES…closest vegan pizza to my house so far. Definitely going to try it.

    BTW – I was by Purgatory the other day, and thought I’d try the new Teese. QG, dunno what you were thinking w/ your review…but the new Teese BLOWS. ZERO flavor…a total waste. Daiya forever, yo.

  • @greg c: you crazy. the new teese is the bee’s knees.

  • QG – What on earth could you like about the new Teese!? It has no flavor at all, and wasn’t even that stretchy! …it was just…there. I’d rather have FYH cheese!

  • I was all set to order some pizza tonight – but they were out of vegan cheese! QG – look at the power you have…the guy said that vegan pizza orders have been through the roof, and they ordered double the amount of Daiya that they ordered before, and would have it on Monday. So – kind of a bummer, I was in a pizza mood…but I’ll try it next week!

  • Ordered some pizza from Lenzini’s the other night….pretty good! Not Cruzer-good, but it’s the only vegan pizza within delivery distance from my house, so I’ll be eating more Lenzini than Cruzer! Hopefully they’ll kick it up another notch w/ some vegan-pepperoni and/or field roast sausage 🙂

  • Beware that the price on that photo is completely incorrect. I called Lenzini’s to order a pizza and was told specifically that the only thing that came close to that price was a deal they have for a large vegan pizza with two toppings for about $12. Other than that, all the other pizzas are the price of the regular pizza plus $2.00 for Daiya. This might be a good place for people in the Valley, but Cruzer is about the same price. Not as cheap as QG makes it out to be.

  • Just ordered and ate a vegan pizza with spinach, mushrooms, vegan cheese, whole wheat organic crust… YUM! Got it as part of their Double Deal: 2 medium 12″ pizzas 2 toppings and 2 cans of soda, and free delivery – came to $19 plus tip. The vegan cheese was $1 or $2 extra. They have a doorhanger flyer with lots of other deals, if you don’t have the flyer just call to ask for them, as the deals are not on their website. — Thank you QG!!

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