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    May 28th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), norfolk

    time for another vegan field report all the way from norfolk virginia. we’ll let our resident VA field reporter steve take it away…

    I have traveled all over this country as a vegan, and I’ve never found a breakfast place quite as special as Yorgo’s. At first glance, it looks like your typical bagel shop; customers line up at the counter to place their order while cheap plates of hot food are slung out of the busy kitchen. There’s a small seating area, but most of the crowd is office workers grabbing their morning meal to-go. In an eatery like this, I’d honestly be happy just to have a tofu cream cheese option. Of course Yorgo’s has that, as well as a complete vegan menu with specialties ranging from “omelettes” and breakfast sandwiches to “cheeseburgers” and “philly cheesesteaks.”

    vegan menu at yorgo's

    Of all the items I’ve tried from Yorgo’s, my favorite so far is the “Egg and Sausage.”

    vegan egg and sausage: tofu egg, vegan homemade sausage and vegan cheese. $4.45

    This homemade sausage is amazing, so amazing in fact, that if the owner hears that you ordered vegan, he will come to your table and brag about it. It’s plump and meaty, with just the right amount of grease and flavoring. It’s such a popular item, that Yorgo’s is thinking of packaging it and selling it, and I sure hope they do. The “egg and sausage” comes in your choice of wrap or on a bagel, and I always get mine in the jalapeno tortilla. It costs $4.45, which is pretty cheap for a vegan breakfast, and it’s incredibly tasty and filling.

    yorgo's vegan breakfast burrito

    Another good option at Yorgo’s (though I don’t like it as much as the “egg and sausage”) is the vegan breakfast burrito. This also comes in your choice of tortilla, with scrambled tofu, grilled potatoes, and the delicious homemade sausage.

    vegan cheeseburger: gardein patty with daiya cheese and toppings. $6.50

    There are also some lunchy items on the menu, one of them being the vegan cheeseburger. This consists of a Gardein patty (probably my favorite pre-packaged patty to date) with a slice of Daiya mozzarella and your choice of toppings. One odd thing about Yorgo’s is, they don’t have regular hamburger buns, so the burger comes in your choice of wrap or on a bagel. I get mine on the jalapeno bagel, and while it’s nice and spicy, it’s a little too bready for my taste. The vegan cheeseburger is good, but not exceptional. While I absolutely love the patty, I wish they would melt the cheese a little. Plus, it’s $2 more than the “egg and sausage” and not nearly as tasty, in my book!

    As I said earlier, Yorgo’s also has a bagels and Tofutti cream cheese if that’s what you are looking for…

    bagel with vegan cream cheese

    And a large assortment of vegan cookies and cakes as well…

    vegan cookie

    If you are ever in Norfolk, Virginia, please add Yorgo’s to your “must visit” list. Don’t let the exterior fool you, this is no normal bagel shop. Nope, Yorgo’s is a bastion for vegans seeking good eats and I promise you will not be disappointed. Now if only the damn place would stay open after 3pm.

    22 Street and Colonial Avenue
    Historic Ghent
    Hours: Mon-Fri 6 am to 3 pm
    Sat-Sun 7 am to 3 pm

    2123 Colonial Avenue
    Norfolk, VA 23517
    FAX 757.623.6234

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  • FTW! nomnomnom!

  • Quite appetizing!!

  • egg and sausage breakfast burrito looks amazing!

    check out that menu board…$3.95 for a tempeh BLT?!?

    i pay that much for a side salad to go with my tempeh BLT in LA!

  • We DO need more vegan breakfast options. It is seriously the hardest type of meal to find. And I mean a nice, HOT breakfast.

  • ^ I must agree with you on the breakfast options scene in LA. I’d love to find a place that serves vegan pancakes and vegan biscuits in the morning. (I’ve tried ordering pancakes from a few of the vegan-Thai places in town and they didn’t taste quite right.)

  • Swingers has vegan multigrain banana pancakes for $6.95.

    To me, it’s the best, and cheapest, vegan breakfast scene in LA…..it’s also available like 20 hours of the day.

  • Believe it or not, Swinger’s isn’t open yet when I go to work. Too bad, since it’s right down the street.

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