• mooi set to open this week, and the space is AWESOME

    May 18th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi

    oh my vegan friends, the time is FINALLY here! mooi restaurant in echo park is ready to open its doors this week, and i can’t fucking wait.

    they held a little pre-opening shindig last night—and while i have been a long time fan of the food, i can now say the restaurant space is incredible as well.

    when i showed up to the mooi tasting, i was shocked at the size of the place and the great location. it’s this epic 2 story building at the corner of sunset blvd and logan st…

    i arrived at around 8:30, and the party was already in full swing. hipsters were everywhere sipping on wine and eagerly awaiting the flowing stream of raw vegan treats from mooi’s kitchen.

    the place was packed, it felt more like i was standing in spaceland than at a tasting party. but i would expect nothing less from a former party promoter, soon to be restaurateur.

    there were antique lampshades, chandeliers, cool picture frames, and exposed brick…all in this giant double-decker room. it honestly reminded me of the inspiral lounge in london—-a perfect party place and eating space all in one.

    check back constantly for updates for when mooi is open, i guarantee you this place is gonna be awesome.

    in the meantime, because i know you don’t like to see blog posts w/o vegan food pix, here is some CRAZY DELICIOUS RAW VEGAN ORANGE CHICKEN that will be featured as a special on mooi’s menu:

    raw vegan orange chicken by mooi

    this stuff is made out of jackfruit and magical sauce. don’t even pretend that you aren’t drooling.

    mooi is on track to open THIS THURSDAY! i will post as soon as i know for sure the date and hours. keep checking!

    1700 west sunset blvd.
    los angeles, ca

    for more launch party pix, check out eco-vegan gal’s coverage.

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  • I really need someone to tell me how to pronounce Mooi.

  • Fantastic!!

  • Looking very forward to trying it out!!

  • it’s pronounced like boy but with an ‘M’

  • Thank for clarifying, Stephen! I have been saying Moo – eee

  • @stephen_hauptfur you mean “bom”?

  • i’ve been wanting to try this stuff since your last blog post about mooi. the ice cream is delish!

  • I didn’t know how to pronounce it either, good to know 😀

  • Yeah, thanks Gregalor for asking! I thought it was moo-“E” too, Lacey! hee hee hee Orange “Chicken” looks tasty!


  • when is it really opening? it looked closed as of last night.

  • DAMN, it looks gorgeous inside.

  • Mooi didn’t open the 20th because of a POS issue??!? So the old fashioned way of taking orders was not a thought? Stephen sent us to Elf Cafe, and they hand write their orders. Though Elf Cafe is a lot smaller than Mooi, it is absolutely no excuse. I use to work at restaurants, where a few times the POS systems broke, and we had to hand write and use a calculator… Along with Quarry girl, several other vegan blogs announced a May 20th opening, I just don’t understand why a POS system kept the restaurant from opening.I was super excited because the 20th was my birthday and I’ve been waiting since last year for Mooi to finally open their doors. Regardless of the challenges, Mooi should have made it work. It was announced last year in an article that Mooi would open October 31st of last year, and that never happened. In addition there is no working number for the restaurant, not even a number for the catering. This place has definitely dropped the ball, I don’t trust eating there because I’m not sure if the food will reflect the disorganization thus far. Quarry girl even reported that when they had their tasting party, none of the food sampled was labeled?! My point exactly. MOOI YOU ALREADY HAVE BAD REVIEWS AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN OPEN YET!

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