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    in case you haven’t heard, dosa truck is LA’s only vegetarian food truck and their menu is chock full of vegan options.

    sita's surprise: sweet potato masala dosa. $6.75

    what exactly is a dosa, you ask? the explanation is written on their website: “Take a crispy sourdough crepe made from rice and lentil flour… stuff it with regional and gourmet ingredients and roll it long and thin and you’ve got a DOSA. “

    i have been hitting up the truck on a regular basis lately, and while i think it’s a bit on the expensive side, the food is always pleasant.

    one of the standard vegan-friendly items that is always on dosa truck’s menu is sita’s surprise (pictured above). the dosa comes packed with a blend of spiced sweet potatoes, just BE SURE TO ASK FOR IT WITH NO COCONUT CHUTNEY. in fact, ask for everything at the dosa truck without it, and remind them a billion times that you are vegan. the coconut chutney contains dairy, and i have been burned by accidentally consuming it before—so be careful! anyways, sita’s surprise is delicious, and i highly recommend you try it if you are a sweet potato fan.

    shiva's garden: avocado, caramelized onions, and baby heirloom tomatoes. $7.75

    one rotating menu item that the truck has on special sometimes is shiva’s garden. this dosa comes with a tasty blend of chopped avocados, caramelized onions, and baby heirloom tomatoes. this is one of my favorite dosas i’ve tried, and although it’s pretty overpriced, i always order it when it’s available. something about fresh tomatoes, sweet onions, and creamy avocado always gets me.

    samosa. $2

    but the dosa truck doesn’t JUST specialize in dosas—they have other indian-inspired menu items as well, my favorite of which is the samosa. for 2 bucks, you just can’t go wrong with this massive fried shell stuffed with fluffy spiced potatoes. the sauces it comes with are also incredible.

    channa chaat: cold chickpea salad over mixed greens.

    lastly, the dosa truck is always trying out new menu items, from desserts and appetizers to salads like the one pictured above. here you have the channa chaat, a cold chickpea salad served on greens with baby tomatoes. this thing was awesome, and i really wish they’d add it to the regular menu. it was a very welcome cool and refreshing compliment to all the other hot dishes featured on the truck’s menu.

    so if you see the dosa truck rollin’ around town, go grab yourself some indian food and support this all vegetarian business. like i said earlier, just beware of the coconut chutney!!

    check out their website and twitter page for more info and their schedule.

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  • Call me old fashioned, but I don’t twitter and I can’t keep up with any of these food trucks. This stops me from visiting them on the one day a month they happen to be in my area.

    If we can get a couple more, we should have a local daily/weekly vegan truck email. 🙂

  • I’m Indian, so I’m sold 😀
    Masala dosa would be a very good lunch today. That samosa looks quite appetizing too.

  • @JW agreed, I think we’re among the few who still use email even…

    Dosa’s are awesome. I’d really like to try these. I made my own recently and thankful for this post to remind me about doing them again!

  • It’s strange that their chutney has dairy. I’ve never had coconut chutney, but all the ones I’ve had before have been vegan. Do they use yogurt in it?

  • I also agree with JW. Although I do use twitter, keeping up with all of these food trucks gives me a headache, and headaches suck! I’ll keep Dosa truck in mind though.

  • Dosa Truck is awesome. The people are super friendly and vegan-knowledgeable. And they come to Venice. I just eat there if I see it around, no twittererer.

    It baffles me that this would be LA’s only vegetarian truck. And no vegan ones either? Compared to Portland, our cheap street food options are nonexistent 🙁
    Wish I had the money and drive to start one up. What happened to Green Truck? Oh. Right. They’re not even vegetarian. How green.

  • I agree with you guys, an all-vegan lunch truck in Los Angeles would be so cool! Where you could just walk up and order anything and know it would be cruelty-free no matter what. That would be so fantastic.

  • In case anyone didn’t see this from QG:

    top 5 vegan-friendly food trucks in los angeles 2010

    October 1st, 2010


  • Vegitup Grill has a vegetarian & vegan restaurant in Inglewood and they also have a 100% vegetarian & vegan food truck



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