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    April 8th, 2010quarrygirlbrighton, more restaurants (not LA)

    this is just a short, sad post to commemorate what was once a very awesome pub. the george in brighton has been a beautiful, traditional, yet entirely vegetarian pub for years…and up until recently, they had loads of vegan options.

    the george burger: a beanies veggie burger in a floured bap with mayo, salad and tomato, served with a salad garnish and chips. £6.25

    burgers, nachos, pub food, ice cream…you name it, they had a vegan version of everything. we ate their george burger just a few months ago, and were extremely impressed. however, now the george is under crappy new management and they are rapidly deleting all the vegan options off the menu.

    blogger vegan in brighton summarized it pretty well in her recent post:

    “Unfortunately The George has decided that they don’t really care about vegans any more. They’ve been taken over by local pub chain Indigo Leisure and given a new manager who certainly isn’t interested in the food side of things. He’s explained that he wants to move away from veganism as he doesn’t want people coming into his pub, ordering food and not drinking alcohol…vegans, apparently, don’t drink enough. He’s planning on focusing on the drinks side of things just like all the 100’s of other pubs and bars all over Brighton.”

    and she isn’t the only one who has noticed. the george’s official facebook wall is covered in sad messages from unsatisfied customers:

    this news is extremely upsetting to me, because i really do think the george was one of the most lovely pubs in england. it was old and comfortable, the staff was friendly, and the food was good. i am really going to miss it. 🙁

    here is the old, obsolete menu if you wanna reminisce and cry yourself to sleep:


    PS: NEVER order mexican food in england, seriously. check out the “enchilada” i got from the george:

    enchiladas: an oven baked tortilla wrap stuffed with five bean chili and topped with vegan cheese, salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos. served with a side salad. £6.95

    LOL, at least they tried. and it tasted pretty good. bless their little hearts.

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  • is that a raw burger?

  • Da Data Monkey

    I’d recommend them to these guys on twitter


    And there is good mexican food here!! I cook it 😉

  • Da Data Monkey

    Oops someone has posted this on their facebook page.. 😉

  • That’s very sad indeed. My husband and I were there last fall and had a lovely time. Nice staff, good beer, super vibe and TONS of vegan food.

  • Too bad, that vegan burger from their previous menu looks great.

  • Wow that really sucks. We really enjoyed The George…
    Here’s our review

  • That is, without a doubt, the first time I’ve seen a sauceless “enchilada”. Flattest I’ve ever seen, too.

  • Once upon a nice pub with a beer garden, The George has apparently now become a petty, rude and homophobic pub with new management.
    We went there with a group of about 15 and later at night, when the pub was less than half full, we asked the manager if he could turn down the loud, horrible music and he said it’s company policy. When we told him it’s bad customer management he insulted us by saying we have been there for a while and not getting many drinks and that I should go home if I want a lime cordial and soda water. Out of the 15 people only 2 had soda&lime cordial and the rest were drinking alcoholic beverages and two people had dinner. When we said we’re leaving the manager acted very rude and directed homophobic insults, justifying it by saying he can say it as he’s gay.
    I have never seen such a bad customer service and will never step in this pub under the current management.
    The Great Eastern across the street is much more friendly.

  • That last experience beggars belief!
    We have also had bad experiences there in the last few years but when we went back a couple of weeks ago (April 2011), it was back to how I remember it. Lovely food, big portions and 10 of the 14 bar snacks/main meals were either vegan or vegan option.
    Admittedly they were being judged for some food award in Brighton and Hove, so maybe they were making a special effort, but I had the loveliest mintiest, creamiest vegan risotto I’ve ever had.

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