• muma vegetarian now serving MEAT

    March 25th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, muma (NOT VEGETARIAN)

    bad news for the cows and chickens out there: muma vegetarian (aka the blatant maoz knockoff) has recently changed their name and their menu. now known as simply “muma restaurant,” the small eatery offers more than just innocent falafel balls…they also have a selection of dead animal dishes to choose from.

    muma is not vegetarian

    ….WHAT THE FUCK?!?! i guess we were right when we said we smelled trouble ahead for this shady establishment. it’s one thing for a vegetarian place to scale down hours or raise prices…but to actually start flesh peddling to stay in business?! not cool.

    oh, and to add insult to injury, muma seem to be pretty stoked about their choice.

    just check out their website homepage. what used to be a sweet statement about their vegetarian cuisine is now some fucked up grilled chicken description:

    thanks, muma. oh, and don’t forget the special discount card:

    REALLY?!?! two weeks ago you were a meat-free restaurant, and now you are pimping out chickens with a discount?! FUCK THIS.

    we can’t say we’re too surprised though. we knew from the beginning, muma was only in it for the money. they stole another restaurant’s idea, then they lied about it on our blog, had yelp reviews deleted, and now they have stooped so low as to rearrange their whole philosophy and serve meat..

    i drove by today, and the word “vegetarian” on muma’s awning was hastily and crappily covered in sloppy white paint. i’m never eating there again.



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  • fuck those assholes. they were shitty and rude anyways.

  • OH MY GOD I just read your original post about them. How can people get away with such dishonesty in Obama’s America? Oh well, look on the bright side….. at least we have health care now.

    OBAMA: LISTEN UP: stop this crap. NOW.

  • This place sucks anyway. I stopped going months ago, despite the fact it’s really close and I love falafel.

    Terrible, slow service pissed me off everytime. It’s almost like every order is their first…stunningly bad coordination behind the counter.

    Last time I went I noticed they’d raised prices AND cut back on the amount of food. That move reeked of desperation.

    Perhaps serving meat is their last-gasp effort at survival. Nothing personal, but I hope it goes away.

  • While I agree with your outrage, how is this any worse than reviewing/suggesting other nonvegetarian bars/restaurants that have vegetarian options?

  • cunts. first they rip off maoz and now this!

  • This is ridiculous. That place was run or is run I guess by lying horrible people.

    Robin – They marketed themselves as an ethical vegetarian restaruant. That was an idea stolen from another restaurant, and then they deceided to give up on it and sell meat!

    Just awful.

  • Fuck Muma. I will spend my money elsewhere. There are plenty of great falafel places (that also sell meat) that aren’t a bunch of liars.

  • wow, CUNT BAGS!!!

  • i’ve been reading your blog for ages and i really enjoy your enthusiasm for good food and discovery of gems in los angeles, but for the record, as someone who alleges concern with both ethics and compassion, using a derogatory term like “cunts” is not only unexpected, but uncouth and uncalled for.

    by all means, be outraged, but name calling (nevermind misogynistic name calling) makes you look bad.

  • Wow, this is awful news. Thanks so much for the info QG. And please never stop cussing or saying “cunt.” Your blog is the best and always entertains. :-p

  • Holy Cow, they think they can honestly now make it? They should shut it down nows now and save the money they’ll be losing between now and they close down for good!!

  • thesorrypeople

    I agree with dizzy. I find your negative attitude revolting, and frankly, it makes you look stupid, and not like someone whose opinion I would trust or value. In fact, I pretty much gave up trust in your opinion when you went on that fake testing witch-hunt just to make yourself look like a hero. You’re not the queen. Go back to eating at your expensive restaurants and quit ruining the good stuff for the rest of us.

  • better thing is to go to Mrs Winston’s and grab a pita and fill it with what ever you want.

  • Laughing as usual at the people who get upset about you being frank on your blog. Thanks for the info and sassy attitude. Never change!

  • “thesorrypeople” Why do you come here, reading the posts for nearly a year since “operation pancake” and then comment on this post? i’d love to know your motivation to jump in right now. pray tell.

  • Long time lurker, never commenter. I love reading this blog for the colorful comments. I’m so glad you don’t moderate!

  • Why would anyone go here when M Cafe is down the street? I don’t mind them serving meat so much, but the way they are discounting it now on their site is just gross.

    Someone should delete this business off happycow.

  • This blog is so helpful and has so much detailed info. So many reviews and write-ups and photos.
    For people who don’t care for the writing style, perhaps read another blog?

  • boo, people are such limp noodles sometimes. maybe you should have opted for ‘douche’ or perhaps ‘dickface,’ though cunt is my personal fave.

  • “i’ve been reading your blog for ages”
    “using a derogatory term like “cunts” is not only unexpected”


  • Let’s all email Maoz and tell them how much we need them here in LA!!!


  • …another pimpin ‘ sellout ….curse you MUMA , and go fuck yourself.

  • Oooh, cunty!

  • I like this blog because of the colorful language and honest reviews. Seriously….Fuck, Cunt, Asshole and Shithead are not used enough.

    Freedom of speech fuckers!

  • Did you think that maybe they had to start serving meat because they got threatened with a lawsuit for being too confusingly branded like Maoz? This would be a way to prevent any further confusion of the brands and alleviate any legal problem they have. Sucks but maybe the accusatory nature of your post encouraged the company to threaten them with legal action and drove them to do this as a fiscal move. Cheaper to add meat than try to change up the whole thing.

  • Veganveganvegan,

    Wow this whole time I thought it was Muma’s fault for ripping off Maoz, Muma’s fault for lying to their customers, and Muma’s fault for deciding to sell meat.

    But now you are telling us it’s QUARRYGIRL’S fault! BRILLIANT!

    This whole time I was holding the restaurant accountable for their actions. Silly me!

  • Veganveganvegan, the threat of legal action couldn’t make me change my philosophy. They were full of shit all along.

    And well done to all the “cunt” crybabies infringing on freedom of speech. Fucking get over it and read another blog. It’s just a word. It’s only mysoginistic if you value it that way.

  • tikidoll, while i agree that how a person understands a word is more his problem than the user’s, in a public forum where one is alleging to be the higher-minded, 90% of people who are not so highly evolved see a derogatory term and discount the rest of the valuable points made.

    go ahead and use the word, there is freedom of speech- but don’t be surprised when nobody but the “in crowd” listens.

  • Yeah, but freedom of speech has nothing to do with it.

  • Da Data Monkey

    Well at least Moaz, the real deal, is still rocking. Especially here in Barcelona. One a day is my moto while here!!! Talking of which time to scoff cometh 🙂

  • I had a meeting once with Mike Hunt.

  • Email reply from MAOZ

    Thank you so much for the kind words and support! We are expanding now to the west coast, where as you mentioned I’m sure we’ll be kindly welcomed, with our first location in Berkeley, CA opening today!

    Soon enough we should be in San Diego, Santa Clara, OC, and of course LA!

    We can’t wait either! See you in the Golden state soon!

    Thank you and enjoy in good health,

  • I LOVE MUMA. I love the salad bar, love the falafel and I completely disagree with every negative thing that’s been said about them. Of course I have a special place in my heart for totally vegetarian places but I have no problem with Muma. And the owners and staff have made me feel welcome every time I’ve been. Did I mention, the SALAD BAR KICKS ASS!!!!!

  • Carmel, I have a special place in my heart for all-vege places, too. But shit service is shit service. I swear to god they are so fucking unorganized behind the counter it makes me want to explode.

    The reason it pisses me off so much is because as a vegan of Lebanese ancestry, they could have had me EATING OUT OF THEIR FUCKING HANDS.

    I wanted to (and did) support them, despite all the criticisms about ripping off Moaz.

    The writing is on the wall, however: First they raise prices; then they cut the amount of food in the health meal; finally, they add meat to their vegetarian menu.

    Next stop: Closed for business.

  • veganfoodwhore

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  • Vegans are such disgusting hypocrites. They coddle animals but treat their fellow human beings in despicable ways. What an obnoxious, hypocritical attitude you guys have!

  • Hey Hypocrites, it’s payback you fucking idiot. People who make money off meat deserve a bad blog review.

    BTW this seems to be just a blog about not eating somewhere. How is that “treating humans in despicable ways”?

    You don’t know what u r talkin about.

  • Hypocrites? Since where in the definition of “vegan” do you see “a really nice person to everyone”? Seriously thanks for making sweeping generalizations. Not everyone is vegan for the same reasons, they just have one thing in common: they don’t eat animal products.


    Quarrygirl, you rock. Love your blog.

  • Curious as to what dizzy or thesorrypeople have ever done to present America with quality info & reviews on veganesque stuff. Oh right, nothing except assuming the role of Captain Complainypants.

    Best blog ever. Best use of colorful language EVER.

    And veganfoodwhore if you are ever on the east coast, particularly the Philly area… I’ll buy you a pint, or 10.

  • Hypocrite: douchebags who profit from inflicting misery deserve to be called cunts and much worse.

    Let’s fill in the blanks:

    Death for no reason is M____R

  • I’m just saying you guys post in one thread “Support local vegan/veg spots.” Then you jump on someone or some business who makes a mistake or does something you do not like (maybe by ACCIDENT) and say “don’t go here.” Then three posts later you’ll be like, “such and such is closing. It’s a shame we don’t support these places.”

    Not everyone has a vendetta against vegans. Pick and choose your battles carefully. I don’t care if they are ripping off another companies style, if they are serving veg. food I’ll eat it. Not report it to some other corporate place. Seriously who cares if they bite Maoz style, let the company handle it themselves.

    Meat is Murder isn’t very orig. maybe MOZ should ask to stop being ripped off too.

  • veganveganvegan, i’d bet everything i own that Moz would have zero problems with anyone quoting Meat is Murder.

    All I know is, I wish we had an East Coast equivalent of QG, to give us the straight up low down on what’s going on here and what is fucked. You people in LA are lucky.

  • Hey veganveganvegan, have you ever actually been to Muma? It was awful.

    And saying quarrygirl rips of Morrissey is idiotic. This is a restaurant review blog vs a band. Maoz and Muma were 2 restaurants. If Maoz didn’t protect their copyright, they seriously could encounter huge problems down the line.

    You are painfully ignorant.

  • I don’t know what Moz would say about being quoted by a pretentious blogger. Maybe someone should email him a screen cap and see if he’s okay with it. If not next week maybe Quarry girl can start blogging about regular resturants.

    Also, for east coast blogs:


  • I don’t usually chime in, but this is important.

    I’ve been a vegan since the 70’s, and “Meat is Murder” has been a phrase in the movement since before The Smiths could legally drink.

    While Quarrygirl is completely within her rights to use the “Meat is Murder” phrase, it is no doubt questionable for her to use Paul McCartney’s image, without permission.

    That being said, what Muma did was definitely illegal, and there is no correlation to this blog’s banner.

    Also, I agree with Kevin. Wish we had somone like Quarrygirl on the East Coast. I like SuperVegan and DiscerningBrute, yet they are poor substitutes.

  • veganveganvegan

    I love

  • The negative comments on this blog post amaze me. There must be a lot of 18-year old virgin males with nothing else better to do than raise weak “arguments” for attention. Well, you won’t get any (after this) from me. Let’s all move on as vegans and leave these cunts behind where they belog.

  • @kevinm: URDE

  • @veganfoodwhore …. you made my week

    xx xx

    moma?… maoz? i thought we were starting to talk about MOZ?!?!

    ‘C’ may stand for “cunt” but it also stands for ‘C’ry me a river @granpa … i am glad you will not be commenting again… i will gladly take your 47th comment space and raise you 2…
    hugs and kisses,
    CL (*the 18 year old female virgin)

  • I *love* supervegan & discerning brute, and would never ever criticize them in any way, but they are pretty different than qg. Just sayin.

  • mike hunt’s a good dude , loves tahini

  • presumptuous, kevin m., and erroneous.

    i’ve been eating vegan since i was 13 years old, but it just goes to further prove my point that negative commentary is rampant here and distracts from the VALUABLE things that are said.

    pretty sure i’ll never been commenting here again, and my apologies to vegan establishments i won’t know of now because i’m done with quarrygirl in general.

    this thread is a pretty good indication of why most people think vegans are whiney and unpleasant.

  • I can’t believe Muma sunk this low. I hope they close down.

  • oh no, guys! dizzy isn’t going to comment anymore! OH SHIT!!!

  • This is the best blog in America, maybe even the world. Those who don’t read are missing out.

  • Sorry, let me revise that. This is the best VEGAN blog in America. Sorry, I think there are better blogs, they just have nothing to do with food.

  • How many Gregs ARE there here?

  • Gravitar test…

    If this works, I’m Gregalor now.

  • Soooooo sad to see this formerly veg establishment change their motif to serving meat. 🙁 Luckily we’re in LA where there are a plethora of cool vegan & raw establishments we can support who DON’T serve animals on the menu. Perhaps if their sales are effected they’ll see that being profitable CAN go hand in hand with being compassionate- just my two cents. 🙂
    Candy at yourholisticagent.com

  • Okay that was the last strike for this underwhelming restaurant (NYC falafel so much better)…done with Muma once and for all!

  • i drove by yesterday and noticed the space is for lease.

    i guess the meat menu couldn’t save them.

    i ate here a lot before they started serving meat, despite some pretty critical issues behind the counter.

    since they announced a meat menu, i haven’t been back.

    closed now!

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