• brand new menu and a peta pizza at cruzer!

    March 3rd, 2010quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    FINALLY! cruzer pizza in los feliz (LA’s only all vegan pizzeria) has updated their menu, and we are super honored to be publishing it first on quarrygirl.com.

    have a look for yourself. loads of new vegan pizzas, sandwiches featuring match meats, and even daiya bread sticks! not to mention vegan cheesecake by madeleine bistro. basically, it’s all amazing! (click here for the PDF version.)

    regular customers will notice a new addition to the menu, which is a super tasty sounding peta pizza. this thing comes with eggplant, portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, and daiya…plus, a portion of the proceeds are donated to to help animals. watch this fun video featuring michelle sass from cruzer and royale  & lauren from peta to see how the pizza got selected.

    head over to cruzer asap for their new menu items and a very special peta pizza. lemme know what you think!

    cruzer pizza
    4449 Prospect Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 666-0600

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  • Seriously, dude, Cruzer rox my sox off. Those PETA chix are so cool, I’m gonna eat them up – well, their pizza anyways.

    Keep it up, LA vegans, and a big thanx to the Sassy one for making it happen.

  • Yummy! Where are the Vegan Cannolis?

  • So this place is exclusively take out/delivery?

  • Whatever became of the crab cakes they were testing?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

  • I’d eat Royale’s pizza. 🙂 🙂

  • I’m in awe of a vegan pizza place.

  • I haven’t been here yet, this place sounds so cool.

  • I watched this video earlier on youtube and made the first comment – saying that I heard of Cruzer pizza by reading Quarrygirl’s blogs.

    I asked them to make a pizza chain. I really hope they do.

  • Sass, you are my hero!!!!

  • Went there last night for the first time since they went all vegan.


    – They used the *perfect* amount of cheese, (ie., not too much) and toppings

    – Crust was crispy on bottom…I hate soggy pizza.

    – Field roast sausage was in smallish pieces and had a lot of flavor.

    – Ceasar salad was tasty! It had a different flavor than I’m used to (maybe nutritional yeast?) and the croutons were great.


    – Crust is just average…almost tasted frozen to me.

    – Garlic topping came from a jar (not a fan of that crap)

    – Parking lot was jammed…luckily I found a spot a block away

    Overall, I was pleased. I prefer the crust and sauce at Purgatory, but I want to give my dollars to vegan joints, so tough call.

  • Went to Cruzer pizza over the weekend & ordered the Quarrygirl. I am so sad to report that it was pretty bad. I am a huge garlic fan, but it tasted like I was eating a raw garlic pizza- it was that strong! My husband ordered a 6 topping pizza & I thought they put Waaayyy to much daiya cheese that it completely masked the taste of everything else. I have been Veg for 3 years and vegan for about 6 months & will probably not go back. Thanks for all the information & I really enjoy following your blog.

  • I wrote under the Pizza Fusion blog-post this morning that I hadn’t tried vegan pizza yet. However now it’s afternoon and in between now and then I finally tried it out!!

    I was in the vicinity of Glendale this afternoon so I stopped by the Cruzer on Pacific and Stocker and I ordered the Vegan Hawaiian Pizza.

    I really liked it and will be ordering it again for sure. The pineapple topping tasted quite nice.

    I have yet to go to the main all-vegan Cruzer location on Prospect but I will do that soon.

  • Tried going there for lunch on good friday and only found out when I got there that they’re only open after 4pm. Grr. The web site didn’t list hours. Went to Flore instead.

    Sooooo went back again this Friday night only to find that its a take-out/delivery joint only. Grr again. But, we ordered a cheese steak and a small quarry girl and a small hawaiian.

    The cheese steak was out of this WORLD delicious. Fantatsic bread, gooey cheese, awesome fake meat and grilled veg. Shared that on the way home in the car. Next to the philet no fish at Madeleine’s its the best sandwich ever!

    As for the pizza… we accidentally got the “regular crust” (we prefer thin). The Hawaiian was really good and the daiya was fantastic. But the crust was too chewy for me… I like crispy more.

    The quarry girl didn’t live up to my expectations. It had so much raw garlic on it I couldn’t even finish it. I tried scraping off as much of it as I could, but the garlic was too much. Oh, and it doesn’t come with tomato suace, so if you get the QG, you may want to ask them to leave off the garlic and add tomato sauce.

    In all, I’m SO SO happy to have a vegan pizza place, I hate to even complain. The cheese steak is reason enough to go. Just need to perfect my next pizza order.

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