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    February 9th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    soup and salad combo: large soup or chili with a side serving of an entree salad. $8.50

    lately, i just can’t get enough of the soup and salad combo at veggie grill. for only $8.50, it comes with a huge bowl of chili or soup of the day, along with a healthy portion of the salad of your choice. i order this all the time, and i rarely finish it—it’s so much food!

    chop-chop chef: chopped romain, tempeh, veggie steak, chillin' chickin, green onion, roasted corn salsa with a chipotle ranch dressing.

    i have tried a bunch of the salads at veggie grill, and my favorite one by far is the chop-chop chef. it comes fully loaded with two kinds of gardein meat, fluffy quinoa, tempeh and vegetables all in a creamy ranch dressing. seriously, it’s soooooo good. even just the side salad that is served with the combo is pretty big and filling on its own…and i haven’t even gotten to the chili yet!

    bean me up chili: red and white beans, touch of soy cream, chopped green and red onion.

    i am a huge fan of the chili at veggie grill, so that’s almost always what i get with my combo. it doesn’t have any fake meat in it; instead it’s just a rich flavorful mixture of red and white beans garnished with soy sour cream. the serving with the combo is generous, and it even comes with a side of delicious herb toasted crisps (not pictured).

    i could seriously eat this soup/salad combination every single day. it’s so tasty and so filling, and it’s under 10 dollars. what more do i require?!

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  • I know what I’m getting when The Boyfriend and I go there next. I, too, love their chili – it’s usually my side when I get a sandwich.

  • Oh my god that’s so much protein.

  • Their chef salad is to die for! I love the fact it comes with quinoa.

  • That salad looks amazing!

  • Are there onions in the chili, or just on the top as garnish?

  • I love their chili, too.

    Gonna try that salad next time!

  • I’m not even hungry and I’m drooling! Damn it LA, I wish you were closer!

  • I too love the soup and salad combo! I ususally just eat either the soup or salad and then end up taking the other to go!

  • Irvine folks have been loving this place for a while and it’s good to see love from LA as well!

    I do with the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies had more chocolate chips in them, but otherwise, huge, soft, chewy, and delicious. Ugh, now I have a craving.

    I love the new “cheeseburger” too. I love everything here. This is my favorite place to eat these days.

  • That looks amazing! I’ve been so stuck in my tempeh burger ways, that I never even noticed they offered that combo! Can’t wait to try it next time!

  • Everything I’ve tried at veggie grill so far has been AMAZING! I bet if I eat everything on the menu (and I just might do this) I won’t be disappointed.

  • yum, i had that exact combination today for lunch! it’s a winner.

  • That’s a lot bigger than I pictured a soup/salad combo to be, quite the bargain. And the salad looks like something that would still really sit in your stomach… with two types of meats! :O

  • Oh, how I miss the Veggie Grill…

  • Dude, I had the chicken caesar with tempeh, soooo good!

  • I got a ton of Veggie Grill to go over the weekend… Mac & Cheese – AWESOME! I tried the Sweet Potato fries – and while I’m usually a fan of them, Veggie Grill’s are the best I’ve had, and the chipotle ranch sauce is INSANE! Got the caesar wrap for my girlfriend – the “blackened” fake-chicken was too strong for her tastes, ….I was happy to finish what she didn’t want! 🙂

  • Last time I went to VG I got the V-burger, since I’ve had had everything else. I was expecting something pretty “meh” like most other faux hamburger patties, but it was really damn impressive. I’m enamored, and would love to know what’s in it.

    It’s flame grilled, with charred lines and everything! So good. Pleasantly surprised.

    I don’t think I’ve had anything there that I didn’t like.

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