• VEGAN COOKIES now available at native foods in westwood!

    February 8th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    i just got the news that starting today, native foods in westwood is offering 5 new flavors of homemade vegan cookies!

    native animal cookies shaped like chef tanya's favorite animal. $2.95 per bag

    i haven’t tried them yet, but the pictures are adorable and the menu descriptions sound delicious. just check out all the cookies they have to offer…

    now apparently this cookie offer is just a test run, and these treats are available at the westwood location only. so head on over there and try some! if you like them, buy a few bags…and hopefully they will continue to remain available.

    who doesn’t love fresh homemade vegan cookies?!?

    native foods
    1110 1/2 Gayley Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    (310) 209-1055

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  • My mom must have those elephants! Anyone know of Native Foods doing mail order? Specifically for cool, elephant-loving women who go vegetarian at 63?

  • Got an email about this from Native Foods…

    …four full hours after you posted!

    Great scoop!

  • republican vegan cookies!

  • The email said “sweetened with beet juice”. I hope that isn’t as unappetizing as it sounds… C’mon, a little cane sugar isn’t gonna hurt.

  • Those elephant cookies look so good!

  • Everything from Native Foods is extremely delicious! I wouldn’t worry about the choice of sugar, knowing them. They’re pros. It probably just sounds weird but I know they’ll kill it with the cookies! I now have to wait impatiently for them to arrive at the Palm Springs Native Foods! So hurry up and buy these cookies LA people so they can spread the love to the other locations!! Woohoo:) I got my eye on the chocolate brownie looking one!

  • So, bummer days! I went tonight and tried samples of ALL the cookies and was disappointed. I found them all to be dry and flavorless, save the chocolate chippers, which were just mediocre.

  • I just went and tried the cookies at Native Foods and I love the Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Chippers. Wow!!! They were delicious. I could not stop eating the Chocolate Chip cookies. Bought two bags and will be back for more. Don’t listen to negative news. Go there and try them yourself. Some people have not taste and do not realize how good natural sweetness really is. By the way the cookies do have unrefined vegan cane juice. Beets juice is just an added sweetness to help boost nutrition levels. Go job Native Foods for finally bringing in some delicious easy to take cookies. Great for busy people like me.

  • Wow, just got back from trying Chocolate chip and brownies ( chocolate lover) Native foods really knows how to make a desert healthier and taste terrific too ! I will be buying these for my friends and family. Thanks Native Foods for making a variety of great baked goods.

  • Your blog is always making me hungry!

  • I liked the raspberry jam hearts. Other than the brownie, which I have not had the pleasure of trying, the rest are barely edible. I’m sorry. Just my opinion. Maybe I got an old batch or something 🙁

  • MUST HAVE these Elephant Cookies. Gah!!!!! Thank you for this post.

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