• snack attack: luscious brownie batter

    February 5th, 2010quarrygirlproducts, vegan bakers

    last week we brought you the news of frozen cookie dough by luscious organic desserts, and today we want to let know about another one of their brand new products: frozen brownie batter.

    seriously, these brownies couldn’t be any easier to make. you just defrost the batter, pour it in a pan, and bake it for 30 minutes. the brownies come out soft and fluffy with just the right amount of crispy-ness around the edges!

    i never ever bake, and these things came out great even for me. my only issue with them was they were falling apart a little until i let them cool for a while. maybe that’s normal though…i dunno.

    each package of brownie batter makes an 8″x8″ dish, and costs $7.50. i think that’s a pretty good deal for the taste and convenience. i can’t wait to order another batch.

    hit up luscious for more ordering info. and hooray for easy, lazy vegan baking!!!

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  • Hi Quarrygirl, I’m so glad you liked them, just a quick note if they were falling apart. They need to be cool before cutting them, sorry if that wasnt on the instructions, we are still finishing the final labels. Other than that I’m glad you thought they were tasty 🙂

  • I want to drink brownie batter 🙁

  • @jo thaks for the tips! they were so good.

    @britt the raw brownie batter was even better than raw cookie dough!

  • oops that was supposed to be Jon, not Jo.
    yes, the brownie batter is like crack.

  • I hope I can get my hands on some of this! The brownies look super delicious. I like to bake, but I can never get brownies just right.

  • Okay just had these and they were so yummy! I could seriously get poor eating all the luscious desserts. I each a batch in a sitting!

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