• vegan cheese coming to ALL VEGGIE GRILL LOCATIONS TOMORROW!!!

    January 28th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    UPDATE 1/29: the vegan cheese will be available at veggie grill TODAY!

    yay, this is such great news!! veggie grill has been testing out some amazing vegan cheese at its el segundo restaurant and has finally decided to offer it at ALL locations starting tomorrow!!!

    Uptown Nachos Tortilla chips, chili, VG-cheese, corn salsa, avocado, soy cream, jalapenos … $4.95

    this just in from veggie grill:


    From Uptown Nachos to Mac-n-Cheese and the V-Cheeseburger, diners are invited to “Taste and Believe” the latest additions to its menu of wholesome comfort foods

    WHAT: Adding a flavorful and crave-worthy new layer to Southern California’s premium fast casual dining experience, The Veggie Grill is proud to announce the addition of dairy-free VG-cheese to its menu of 100% plant-based comfort foods on January 29, 2010.

    Guests at The Veggie Grill’s four locations in L.A. and Orange County can now enjoy three new crave-worthy menu items including:

    Uptown Nachos
    Tortilla chips, chili, VG-cheese, corn salsa, avocado, soy cream, jalapenos … $4.95

    Brown rice macaroni, VG-cheese … $3.50 (Side)
    * Sub for ‘slaw with your Sandwich or Burger for $2.25
    * Sub for Nuggets or Pasta with your Kids Meal

    Add VG-cheese to The Veggie Grill’s V-Burger for $1.50”

    i have tried all these items, and i absolutely loved each one. be sure to run, not walk, to your nearest veggie grill tomorrow. i will be at the sunset location with a cheeseburger and some nachos. HOLLA.

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  • Secret recipe tip:
    VBurger with the new VG Cheese
    No Chipotle ranch, substitute regular vegenaise
    add jalapenos
    then add ketchup yourself, when it comes out.
    Tastes like a Whopper with a kick. It’s unreal. <3

  • Why not just eat real cheese? It tastes sooo much better.

  • The Veggie Grill is my favorite fast food joint and it just got even better.

  • Really? Is this true? That makes me so happy because I don’t wanna drive all the way to El Segundo. What time are you eating there QG?

  • Those nachos look scrumdidlyumptious!

  • @Crustypop

    Sounds like a “recipe” for having your order messed up; they probably hate you over there, with all that complication! lol

  • Daiya cheese or???? Can you find out what the VG cheese consists of?

  • @Kelly: when I went to el segundo, they were using daiya. But they made it way creamier some how; I think it was mixed with something. Regardless, it was awesome!

  • Veggie Grill + Daiya = awesome

  • QG, is this true? I can’t find the news on any other sites! How do you always break shit 1st? Hopefully veggiegrill will tweet a confirmation?

  • Greg – please google factory farm dairy to see ‘why not just eat real cheese’.

  • thanks QG will be there tomorrah!

  • I’ve been going to Veggie Grill El Segundo for the past two weekends. Hubs l-o-v-e-s the mac n’ cheese. Gotta do those nachos next!

  • jonathan went crazy for this stuff. i think the mac and cheese needs a lil something! the nachos were awesome, though.


  • I went today and had the Mac-n-Cheese. It was awesome! I agree with Brittany that it was missing a little something, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    I really wanted the nachos, they look amazing (sans jalapenos!) but I had to get The Stack because I have a problem. I am unable to go there without ordering it. It’s my favorite of all time!

  • Was in the El Segundo location for the first time on Sat. and it was jam packed. I tried out their nachos and really enjoyed them. I think they(WeHo loaction)are my most frequented veg establishment these days, just really like the way they do things. The food is always consistent, and the place is really clean. Agreed on the Mac needing a lil something, its tasty, just not “oh my god, you gotta try this” tasty. Hopefully soon.

  • I had all. I did not like. The nachos were like bad carnival food and the Mac & Cheese was bland and not very cheesy. The burger had so little cheese it didn’t taste any different than the regular iteration.

    Unfortunately it was the first day it was served in WeHo and one of the management types (not Kevin) asked my opinion. I said they needed to work on it. The guy looked like I’d just stabbed his favorite daughter in the heart. I felt bad. But really don’t ask for my opinion if you don’t want to hear it.

    Perhaps by now they’ve honed the recipes.

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