• cruzer pizza keeps getting better and BETTER

    January 8th, 2010quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    i really can’t possibly give cruzer pizza enough love on this blog, ever. the small los feliz pizzeria went from actually offering the dreaded veal on their menu less than a year ago, to being the first place in the western U.S. to serve daiya, and now just months later to being california’s only 100% vegan pizzeria! can you believe it? as vegan.com put it so well, cruzer went from veal to vegan in no time! it’s like a fairy tale.

    while cruzer pizza has already transformed into an entirely animal-free establishment, they are still improving their vegan menu. rumor is that very soon they will start offering various fake meats and cheeses for us to choose from, as well as novelty/gluttony dishes like potato skins, mozzarella sticks and cheesesteak sandwiches. in the meantime though, cruzer has been teasing the vegan community via twitter with specials like calzone samples and free “sassy caesar salads” with a pizza purchase! (if you don’t follow cruzer on twitter, you are crazy and missing out).

    vegan calzone with daiya cheese, tomatoes, and basil

    already a menu item, the vegan calzones at cruzer are delicious. i’ve tried the margherita flavor as well as gardein bbq chicken, and they are both insane.

    cruzer uses daiya cheese and a wonderfully crispy dough, so the whole thing blossoms into this beautiful combo of crunchy and melty.

    the sassy caesar salad is not a menu item yet, but i highly suggest that if you see cruzer tweet about it, you go over and get one as soon as you can. created by michelle sass (a vegan of over 20 years and the food consultant responsible for cruzer’s leap to all animal-free, and for hooking them up with daiya in the first place), this salad is covered in rich and creamy homemade dressing and topped with oven baked croutons. seriously, so good. i am hoping cruzer starts selling this dressing by the gallon, because it’s the best vegan caeser i’ve ever had….even ousting my beloved pure luck. i also think the croutons are key in making this salad a win; imagine fluffy cubed bread doused in oil and covered in herbs, then baked to perfection. yeah, cruzer should start selling these in bulk as well. michelle sass makes an ingenious sassy salad indeed.

    so the lesson you should have learned from this post is to follow cruzer on twitter, and to get your ass over there as soon as they launch their new menu. i have a feeling it will be epic. and let’s hope michelle sass keeps spreading the vegan word around LA, because she seriously helped turn cruzer into something beyond my wildest dreams.

    cruzer pizza los feliz
    4449 Prospect Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 666-0600

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  • Oh yes. Cruzer is like a gift from heaven…. I eat from ther=e at least twice a week, and I’m so happy they are entirely vegan.

  • i am dialing 3-2-3 6-6-6 0-6-0-0 RIGHT NOW

  • HOLY WOW. Those calzone pictures are to die for. You know how to make a girl crave pizza even more than usual on a Friday night.

  • I had pizza from Cruzer last night and it was amazing. I’m a vegetarin, but really don’t miss the “real” cheese as the cheese they use is very good. Thinking of becoming vegan… Cruzer will help.

  • Being a personal friend of the Sassimeister, I can’t wait to actually be able to purchase her amazing salad whenever I want and psyched to be able to order a calzone again!! Woo … Hoo!

  • I fuckin luv cruzer pizza

  • Cruzer is amazing. HOLY SHIT!! they deliver to Silverlake. Wow. The best. They would do even more business if they put the vegan menu on every apartment in Silverlake!

    I love Cruzer. Please add a pesto chicken pizza!! holy shit!

  • I agree that the salad is the best salad ever! I love their pizza too much, and now their salad! I thank you for introducing me to this discovery a few months ago; this has truly changed my life! This is all very exciting and enlightening <3

  • this food looks familiar!!!

  • This should be on the cover of VegNews. Would Cruzers consider delivering to Florida??

  • And you should try making enchiladas with Daiya uncheese. Amazing. This stuff has changed my life!

  • i know Zia! people need to recognize how amazing it is that LA turned a pizzeria Vegan! AMAZING!!!!

  • It’s time for a Cruzer chain! Starting in Oregon, damnit. Bye bye McPUkes – Hello Cruzer!

  • Sass From Cruzer Pizza

    VeganFoodWhore: (love the name!)

    A Green Pesto Pizza will be on the menu- SOON! We’ll be in the kitchen testing it tomorrow!!!

    Also, Dave Anderson from Madeleine’s Bistro will be stocking us up with some sweet delicacies for the new deli case (can you imagine vegan Butterfingers and Twix- I can, I’ve had them!! YUM!!!)

    Thanks for all your support and STAY TUNED!


  • What! Vegan calzones and next mozzarella sticks, potato skins, and even vegan twix and butterfingers! I could cry! Yay! 🙂

  • I’d be soooooooooo fat if we had a place like this in Philly.

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