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    November 21st, 2009quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    hummus bros in soho is one of my favorite restaurants to hit up when in london. we’ve written about them before, and on a recent visit they were just as delicious.

    the way it works is: you get a hummus base with some pita, and then choose between their numerous vegan-friendly toppings. they’ve got vegetable salad, guacamole, and cumin chickpeas…just to name a few. last time we were there, we went with mushrooms and fava beans, both of which were awesome.

    hummus topped with fava beans

    hummus topped with fava beans

    the fava bean topped hummus was my favorite. the fava beans were prepared in a re-fried bean style (which i love), and were super creamy all mixed up with the hummus and oil. we got it with a side of vegan garlic dipping sauce, that was alright but a little too lemony for my taste.

    the mushroom hummus didn’t disappoint either. it came with stewed button mushrooms mixed with caramelized onions all atop the some of the best and creamiest hummus i’ve ever tasted.

    hummus topped with mushrooms

    hummus topped with mushrooms

    they really know how to do it right at hummus bros. their hummus is extra thick and full-bodied, and serves as a main dish rather than a side. if you are already a hummus fan, this place and their amazing toppings will blow your mind.

    hummus bros
    88 Wardour Street
    London W1F 0TJ
    tel 020 7734 1311
    opening times
    Sunday – Wednesday 12pm – 10pm
    Thursday – Saturday 12pm – 11pm

    for more info on hummus bros and the colorful part of town it’s in, read our previous review!

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  • Hummus Bros reminds me of the restaurants in Israel where you order hummus in a fashion similar to how Americans order pizza: adding on any type of topping your heart desires to the hummus base. Someone really needs to bring that hummus model to the USA!

  • Wow, I must not be getting enough sleep because I thought the title of this was “Humans Like You’ve Never Tasted” and I thought it was a tongue in cheek title… time for a nap. But refrigerator hummus first 🙂

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