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  • so fucking stoked! they have delivered to my recording studio a few times now and it’s always a hit , i even took some to a vegan tattoo artist on sunday . i <3 this place. motherfuckers..

  • Do they do vegan by the slice?

  • Take the gold line to Pico/Aliso – it is right across the street.


  • YES! WE are now open for lunch every day!! (I’m actually cooking pies this Sat/Sun during the day…. The hours on the above are correct. We currently do not have delivery until 3:00 M-F and 5:30 Sat/Sun. If we start to get busy enough, that will change.

    I haven’t had any call for vegan pizza by the slice yet. I’ve been thinkin’ about doing it but I want the pizzas fresh and no one ever asks for it. If they start to, we’ll add it.

    Come see me this weekend!!


  • What a miss! I was completely disappointed, almost mad for being lured into the raves for this pizza “joint.” The crust was raw not to mention the ingredients were dried out and sparse. The Field of Dreams pizza i ordered was anything but that! The guy behind the counter was completely rude. He said on the phone he was swamped and put me on hold several times. When I got to the restaurant I was the only person there. I should have left the pizza there when I opened the box. I looked NOTHING like what is pictured above.
    False advertising.
    I would call and complain but I figured it was pointless, the dude wouldn’t listen anyhow. He was far to full of himself to even hear what i had to say.

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