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    want a massive vegan dinner for 2 priced at under 20 bucks? head over to little ethiopia on fairfax and hit up rosalind’s. i know, i know, i probably shouldn’t be sending any business whatsoever away from the vegan ethiopian restaurant across the street…but i just like the food and atmosphere at rosalind’s sometimes for a change. plus, it’s always good to know this place is here and super vegan-friendly if you are ever need to dine ethiopian-style with some omnivores.

    sambusa: pastry shell stuffed with green lentils, onions, jalapeno and herbs. $2.50

    sambusa: pastry shell stuffed with green lentils, onions, jalapeno and herbs. $2.50

    to start at rosalind’s, we always get a couple lentil sambusas. at just $2.50 a pop, these things are pretty big and they come with a fresh and crispy green salad. a sambusa is basically a fried up pastry shell, and in this case it’s filled with a dark lentil stew that’s absolutely delicious. i could eat these things everyday, and no matter how hard i try to resist, i definitely end up eating one every time i’m at rosalind’s.

    vegan sambusa nommers

    as a main course, the two of us always without fail order the vegetarian combination to split between us. this comes with several stew-type dishes including collard greens, chick-pea, yellow split-pea, red lentils and cabbage. this stew, also known as wot, is served on a huge piece of injera (aka radical spongy bread) with a plate of injera rolls for scooping. that’s right, you don’t use silverware in little ethiopia, you eat with your hands. keep it clean and tidy by only handling the bread, but don’t ask for a fork or you will give yourself away as a n00b. the combo is huge and with a sambusa each, it’s definitely enough food for two people. that means before tax, tip and booze 2 peeps can eat for just under $19!

    vegetarian combination. $13.95

    vegetarian combination. $13.95

    my favorite thing about ethiopian cuisine, is all the rich and deep flavors that come packed into every dish. all the tastes are so unique and unlike any other food i’ve had before. rosalind’s especially, makes stew that is so thick and delicious, it tastes like it’s been cooking for days to bring out the right balance of spices and seasonings. if you have never tried this stuff, you are seriously missing out on some of my favorite food in los angeles.

    now i know i’ve written about rosalind’s before, but that was well over a year ago and i wanted to remind you that this place existed. the food is what i would consider the best in little ethiopia, the atmosphere is totally classy, and the service is friendly and attentive. next time you feel like some ethiopian food and wanna step your experience up a notch, hop over to rosalind’s. just be sure to tell them you are vegan, and they will take care of you.

    inside rosalind's

    oh, and did i mention they have a full bar? yes!

    bar at rosalind's

    rosalind’s ethiopian restaurant
    1044 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
    (323) 936-2486

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  • I love that there are so many restaurants in Little Ethiopia that everyone can have a different opinion on which is the best. My favorite is Nyala, where I’ve been eating for 11 years now, but it’s always great to give one of the other restaurants a try. Spreading the Ethiopian food love, vegan style. 🙂

  • Always good to know about other Vegan friendly places. As to my current orders (mostly pick up) I will stick to Rahel as there is less to explain.


  • I stopped going to anyplace not named Rahel on Fairfax after one meal I ordered (not at Rosalind’s) was delivered to my table with a whole-roasted fish, and when another meal came with meat samosas (which I fucking bit into.)

    Maybe I just had bad luck, but those experiences grossed me out.

    Again, these incidents did not happen at Rosalind’s, but they did happen in Little Ethiopia.

    I plays it safe now 🙂

  • Don’t forget they have a 10% off coupon on their website!! http://www.rosalindsrestaurant.com/

  • i’ve wanted to try this spongy bread for MONTHS. seriously. i just hear about ethiopian food being similar to indian and that worries me.

  • I disagree! I have been to Rosalind’s with my omnivore husband, and the vegetarian selections were okay, but my husband’s meat dish was full of bones, and he didn’t like most of the wot’s he tried. We now dine regularly at Rahel, the vegan Ethiopian restaurant across the street, and we LOVE Rahel. There is no reason I would ever go back to Rosalind’s. We are true Rahel fans.

  • Is it possible that you missed the Yam Balls? Unless it’s revealed they’re not vegan, I can’t imagine how anyone could visit Rosalinds without having Yam Balls with Pilli Pilli sauce! This item is what stopped me from visiting the other Ethiopian restaurants years ago.

  • I’ve only been to Little Ethiopia once, and I ended up at the vegetarian one (Rahel’s?). We walked past the omnivorous Ethiopian restaurants, which were bustling and full of energy, to go into the vegetarian one, which was totally empty except for us. The food ended up being just okay, and overall, it was a depressing experience. I don’t know if the vegetarian one is always that desolate, but at least for that night, we wished we’d tried our luck in one of the omnivorous Ethiopian restaurants. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • All things being equal I’d pick a vegan restaurant over a non-vegan one, but I’m a whore for Ethiopian food and I don’t care who knows it.

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