• vegan egg mcmuffin!

    October 15th, 2009quarrygirlfollow your heart, LA restaurants

    …well, not really. but it sure reminded me of one. what i’m talking about here is lorenzo’s tofu eggwich at follow your heart.

    Lorenzo's Tofu Eggwich: A Grilled Scrambled Tofu Pattie, Tomato and *Pastrami* Wheatmeat, with Avocado and Vegenaise® on our Homemade English Muffin. Served with Fries or Fresh Fruit. $6.95

    Lorenzo's Tofu Eggwich: A Grilled Scrambled Tofu Pattie, Tomato and *Pastrami* Wheatmeat, with Avocado and Vegenaise® on our Homemade English Muffin. Served with Fries or Fresh Fruit. $6.95

    on a recent trip to FYH, i was jonesing for a burger. unable to order any of follow your heart’s veggie burgers because the buns contain honey (even though the menu claims they are vegan-optional…for some reason), i scanned the menu for other options. hiding out in the appetizer section, i found the meal i was looking for: a tofu eggwich that sounded a lot like an egg mcmuffin…but better, with added vegetables.


    the english muffin came stacked with a tofu patty, pastrami wheatmeat, vegenaise, avocado and tomato. served with a generous portion of crinkly fries and costing under 7 bucks, this thing was a bargain! not just was it a good deal, but it tasted awesome too. the patty and wheat meat were perfectly salty, and nicely rounded out by the cool, creamy avocado and vegenaise. the english muffin was warm and toasty, while the tomato was cold and fresh. fucking delicious, all of it!


    i honestly don’t know what this tofu eggwich is doing in the appetizer section of the menu. it makes a fine main course for one person, and i may just call it one of the best little vegan sandwiches in los angeles. get over and try this thing when you have a chance. it’s hearty, tasty, and it won’t break the bank.

    why don’t more restaurants in los angeles have vegan egg mcmuffins?!

    follow your heart
    21825 Sherman Way
    Canoga Park, California, 91303
    (818) 348-3240

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  • I just order their veggie burgers on the sandwich bread. I love their burgers, so it’s worth doing.

    I will try that sandwich next time I’m in LA. Thanks for the heads up!

  • i love the “soy o sage muffin” at orean in pasadena . without the cheese of course.. it totally reminds me of a little breakfast samich . mmmm

  • i think i’ve found my lunch for today! mmmmmm.

  • that is one of my faves!!! 😀

  • That’s one of my favorites at FYH (of course, mine is sans avocado)!

  • The eggwich is the best thing at Follow Your Heart.

  • big fan of Lorenzo

  • Only $6.95? For the big plate of food? Bargain!

  • If you loved that you have to go on a Wednesday night. They prepare the most amazing vegan dinner conists of specially prepared sauces etc.
    Each part of the meal blends well with the other. I know that i am not doing the Chef any justice. I can’t find the words to describe my Wednesday night experience/s…except for !sounfrigginbelievablyamazing,youwillslapyourmama!
    Don’t take my word for it.

  • Theresa AKA SleeplessInSimi

    I am totally obsessed with this sandwich! I need to find out what is in the Tofu Paddy and how they make it! Any ideas out there?

  • I must order this Lorenzo business next time I go. My gosh that looks good.

    I finally drove out to FYH as I was meeting a friend in the area the other day and I liked the place a lot. My waitress was so nice too. Lovely experience.

    I look forward to sampling more of their vegan menu items soon 😀

  • Well, just had a Lorenzo’s Tofu Eggwich….pretty damn awesome. I can see getting addicted to these things. Funny, that I have been going to FYH since the 1970’s as a kid…work about three miles away…used to live across the street and never had one of these.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Finally made it back to FYH and tried this, it was good.
    I was rather full or I would’ve ordered one of their vegan desserts. The carrot cake, cheesecake and fruit torte all looked scrumptious.
    I want to try the other vegan items from their breakfast menu next time I stop by, they sound delicious.

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