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    October 11th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, that's amore


    the decimation of los angeles (okay, well orange county) vegan dining options continues with this week’s closure of that’s amore in cerritos. that’s right, our favorite vegetarian italian eatery has been hit hard by the recession and is being forced to close its doors on wednesday night. come thursday, one of the pioneering restaurants of vegan pizza in southern california, and the only place i know where you can get a vegan cannoli, will be closed for good. no more that’s amore.

    decadent vegan cannoli at that's amore

    decadent vegan cannoli at that's amore

    that’s amore came to us at a time when there was practically NO OTHER vegan pizza option in LA/OC, and it is so sad to see them go out like this…especially since they are a vegetarian business. if you don’t have plans over the next few days (or even if you do, you should break them!), head over to that’s amore and get one last slice of amazing vegan pizza plus some authentic italian vegan dessert.

    special thanks to the email tipster who sent me this info (which, sadly was confirmed by that’s amore).

    that’s amore
    13349 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos CA. 90703
    Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
    (562) 926-2112

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  • i feel like i’ve been stabbed in the heart and i’ve never even been there.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s Amore’s food is so good and the people there are amazing. I’m so sad about this news. 🙁

  • they needed to totally move like 25 miles closer. Vegan Canolis at Madelines http://vegan-la.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=333

    I would LOVE to have a Vegan Italian Restaurant in town!!!

  • This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard 🙁

  • So sad. Such great food. Why couldn’t they be in LA! 🙁

  • well it’s down the street from me, so i’d better go before thursday…

  • WTF? Husband just brought me their vegan meatball sandwich for dinner last night. He said something about them having new hours and being out of a few ingredients for the eggplant parmesan sandwich but that was it. 🙁 Vegan cannoli is awesome!

  • What?! This was right in my backyard in Cerritos. Plus, a place I loved taking my vegan boyfriend here for some vegan pizza (that I non-vegan liked as well).

  • I am crying right now. I only ate their once and it was so great.

  • I drove down there yesterday (Monday) around 8:00 pm and they were closed 🙁 I should have called them from home to make sure they were open before making the trip *sigh*. If you are planning on going today or Wednesday, learn from my mistake and call ahead to just in case 😉

  • question, so does the restaruant officially close on wedensday or thursday? I didn’t know they were closing until today, the server told me herself. She didn’t know which day either. She made it sound like the last day was most likely thursday. She also didn’t know that is was going to close until recently lol. But going by this article, it’s most likely this wedensday. Damn 🙁

  • oh NO! I never made it there.

  • I just spoke by phone w/ the hostess and she said they’re out of vegan cannoli’s and she thinks they’re not gonna make anymore, but they still have vegan pizza for today & tomorrow. Also tomorrow (Wed 9/14) is their last day open and it might have shortened hours. So call ahead and go now– WHY THERE’S STILL TIME!

  • Went there last night – they seemed out of almost everything, and tonight’s the last night. Out of vegan chicken, eggplant, whole wheat penne, and cannolis.
    You’d be lucky to get a vegan cheese pizza there tonight i think, but if you’re nearby, may as well try! hopefully they’ll reopen closer to the bustle of either main OC or LA.

  • Oh AND out of the vegan beschamel and alfredo sauce 🙁 i should mention, that said, got a pizza full of veggies and their vegan sausage (which I LOVE!) and it was DELICIOUS!! These guys are great, i’m gonna miss them. And i NEVER got to try the beschamel potato rosemary pizza OR the cannolis :*(

  • Go figure, I read this post on Thursday morning. FML!

  • FYI!! Ppl still have another chance. they are open till 9 pm tonight!!! i just talked with them and they will be only making pizzas today for dine in or take out. looks like i’m going back after work!!

  • As a former Cerritos resident I am heartbroken. The vegan cannoli danced circles around any cupcake.

  • I’m heartbroken to hear of this. Before moving up north the husband and I made sure to gorge at That’s Amore. I’m glad we did. The people there were so nice. I hope they all go on to even bigger and better things (although that’s got to be practically impossible since their pizza was pretty amazing).

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