• hot knives vegan bbq TODAY at the verdugo bar!!

    August 16th, 2009quarrygirlvegan stuff

    UPDATE sunday 4:30pm: HOT KNIVES RAN OUT OF FOOD! the BBQ is over. it was so fucking good, consider yourself lucky if you got to eat there.

    los angeles vegans, drop whatever you are doing today and head over the the verdugo bar where hot knives is throwing an all vegan bbq from 2 – 7pm.


    on the menu, you’ll find pulled “pork” bbq sandwiches, curried seitan banh mi, seeded cole slaw, hand cut chips, and frozen lambic popsicles.

    we went to the verdugo hot knives bbq last weekend, and i can tell you it was the best food i’ve had in a long, long time. for our full review and pictures of every menu item, check out this post.

    don’t miss this event today, or you will be sorry.

    Curried Seitan Bahn Mi.

    Curried Seitan Bahn Mi.

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  • Went there today!

    I arrived with my girlfriend at about 4pm. The beer garden was pretty packed with people, which made for a festive mood.

    We got to the front of the small line only to discover they were out of bbq sandwiches and chips.

    Bummer, but we both ordered the Bahn Mi with slaw, and we were both extremely pleased.

    The seitan was not chewy, but almost cake-like. And the flavors inside were amazing. They didn’t marinate the seitan in sauce…the flavors were baked right into the seitan. Slightly crusty bread stuffed with seitan, carrots, cilantro, white onions and some kind of veganaise sauce.

    No jalepenos, as the photo above suggests, but still spicy and flavorful.

    The slaw was also terrific. It was crunchy, spicy and cold, and made for a perfect side dish on a hot day.

    We had enough cash leftover to try a Lambic popsicles, and it was awesome! I’m not much of a drinker, but this was fruity sweet with a nice beer flavor. Wish we had enough cash for 2!

    Thanks for letting your fellow vegans know what’s up!!!

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