• baseball and vegan hot dogs!

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    it looks like america’s favorite pastime is becoming a little more vegan-friendly, at least in the city of los angeles. now you can enjoy a good old fashion baseball at dodgers stadium with a vegan frank in hand.

    now i’m no sports fan, and i will would have never even known the stadium was offering vegan hot dogs…but luckily for you a friend of mine spotted them, tried them out, and even got some snap shots of them for your benefit.

    veggie dog. $6.25

    veggie dog. $6.25

    dodgers stadium uses lightlife’s smart jumbo dogs, which are completely vegan, as well as bimbo bakeries buns, which are also vegan! while $6.25 is a lot to pay for a simple veggie dog, i guess it’s pretty standard considering the fact that everything is overpriced at sporting events. now you can feel ripped off just like the meat-eaters…it’s only fair.

    baseball is way cooler when vegan hot dogs are around!

    baseball is way cooler when vegan hot dogs are around!

    these vegan hot dogs are available in Reserved level Section 4 at the Wetzel Pretzel stand, so don’t miss them.

    one of the concession stands selling veggie dogs! yay!

    one of the concession stands selling veggie dogs! yay!

    for more information about vegetarian and vegan options at stadiums all around the country, check out this site called soy happy. it’s great to see so many sports arenas introducing more vegan options. if you do go see a game, you should stock up on vegan food and show support.

    special thanks to my friend for making this vegan hot dog discovery. hopefully you will keep this post in mind next time you are watching a baseball game in LA. and remember, veggie dogs taste great with baseball, beer and pretty fireworks.

    fireworks at dodgers stadium. just because.

    fireworks at dodgers stadium. just because.

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  • sad that of all the times I’ve been there I never noticed the veggie dogs (& I looked) and amused that they are sold at Wetzels — which is not vegan and can’t be made vegan like Auntie Annes. lmao.

  • Ohhh, I’m going to a game on the 18th of this month. Now I’ll have something to eat, rather than just drink. 😉

  • I had this when I went to the last game and I must say that it’s good. Especially when piled with mustard and ketchup. And extra pickles. Yum. I am not ashamed to say I had two.

  • i wish they would offer them in the all you can eat section. i would get my money’s worth.

  • I’m not a sports fan either but it would be great if they carried these at some movie theaters. I never liked hot dogs as an omni but I’ve always loved the vegetarian and vegan ones my mom used to get me at the Adventist book center when I was a kid. So chomping on something similar while watching a movie would be awesome!

  • Vegan Food at a sporting event where guys smash around cow and lamb balls that are caught with more slabs of cow. Make sense to me.

  • Great – my hubby and I go to Dodgers stadium a lot and have been wondering about these goodies….

  • Dodgers? The way to my heart. $6.25 for a veggie dog a is to be expected. We’re paying for Manny’s salary.

  • good to know! now if only they had whole wheat buns! haha

  • I kind of want to go to a baseball game now.

  • Any conformation on what grill these are cooked? Separate but equal? Or commingled?

  • man, this makes me wish i liked baseball. those dogs look delicious! awesome find!

  • That second picture is great. It looks like a giant vegan hotdog blimp about to attack Dodger stadium.

  • My bf & I go all the time & weren’t sure if they wre vegetarian or vegan!! thanks for the post! 🙂

  • I’m a huge Dodger fan and I visit Dodger stadium every year and I am always on top of their veggie dogs. There’s nothing better that having a dog at a ballgame. I emailed their concessions manager and told them how happy I was to have a vegan option at their park and they were so excited that they forwarded the email to everyone in their department! I think it’s a good idea for us to let them know that we appreciate this offering so hopefully more options will be available in the future.

  • YAY!!! I’m going to a Dodger game tonight, and I’ll definitely partake =]

    I saw the veggie dog at the last game I went to but I wasn’t sure if it was vegan so I passed.

    Thanks so much =] Good eye!!

  • I’m on my way to the stadium as we speak I squealed with delight when I found out I could have myself a v-dog with my $15 beer 🙂

  • Yuck! I had one and I got half way through. I wouldn’t have ordered it had I known it was going to be so discgusting but I was trying to be low fat. Sheesh, I should have just put up with the extra work-out later in the week and opted for the leaded. Dodger Stadium REALLY needs to bring the turkey dog back… PALEASE!

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