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    May 12th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, loving hut

    loving hut is the fastest growing international vegan chain restaurant, and they recently opened up a location near los angeles in alhambra. i checked it out over the weekend with my husband and we were both blown away by the excellence of the food, the size of the portions, and the friendliness of the staff. the best i can describe loving hut’s cuisine is as asian-inspired fast food with lots of fried selections, burgers, burritos and sandwiches as well as vegetable stir frys, spring rolls and noodle bowls. the place is very affordable and everything we tried was super tasty.

    golden nuggets: deep fried breaded soy protein. $5.95

    golden nuggets: deep fried breaded soy protein. $5.95

    we started with the golden nuggets, which were basically huge chunks of seitan coated in bread crumbs and fried. they weren’t overly oily, and the coating was surprisingly light. the seitan was extra thick and wheat-meaty, and i gotta say these were quite possibly the best vegan nuggets i’ve ever had. they didn’t mess around with that fake “chicken” taste that most nuggets do, these just had a really excellent seitan flavor. not to mention the tangy mayo-style dipping sauce they came with, which was incredible!

    aulac special salad: shredded cabbage with soy chicken tossed with mint and special sauce. $6.95

    aulac special salad: shredded cabbage with soy chicken tossed with mint and special sauce. $6.95

    my husband ordered the aulac special salad, which was a massive mound of cabbage covered in mock meat strips. the chickeny strips were delicious, and the shredded cabbage was crisp and fresh. definitely a win if you are looking for a really satisfying, yet healthy salad.

    teriyaki sub: grilled sauteed soy protein on a sandwich. $6.95

    teriyaki sub: grilled sauteed soy protein on a sandwich. $6.95

    i ordered the teriyaki sub, a sandwich roll covered in vegan mayo and piled high with grilled soy meat, onions and tomatoes. this thing was so tasty—the fake steak was thick, juicy, and cooked in the most delicious teriyaki sauce. what a fucking great sandwich.

    the food isn’t the only good thing about loving hut; the service is quick and attentive, there is ample parking, the restaurant is clean and spacious, and everything is very well-priced. we had such a pleasant experience there, i know i would be a regular if i lived in alhambra.


    one last thing. apparently, loving hut is affiliated with the “supreme master”, and i’m not even sure exactly what that means, but it has stirred up quite the conversation. they did have supreme master television playing in the restaurant, which is basically a non-stop stream of cheezily produced pro-vegan programming. while some people accuse the organization of being “cultish”, it seemed harmless enough to me, and loving hut served up damn good vegan food, so i don’t really care about any of that other noise.

    go check out loving hut asap. there are tons of locations, so hopefully you live close enough to one to make the trip. and get the golden nuggets!


    Loving Hut
    621 W. Main St.
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    Tel: 1-626-289-2684
    Fax: 1-775-628-8037
    Open Tue – Sun (11:00 am – 9:00 pm)

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  • That teriyaki looks delicious! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they open on the East Coast soon.

  • The Supreme Master contingency was out in droves at the Veggie Pride Parade, dressed in costumes and promoting their TV programming. I recently got take-out from a Redondo Beach restaurant owned by Supreme Master people, too, and the food was very good. Loving Hut seems like a good reason to take a trip to Alhambra!

  • We were so glad to find out about this place near us – just tried it on Friday. They have a really great “seafood” appetizer that was a hit with everyone. I had the “Pink Connection” blended drink (strawberries & other fruit) – it was delicately sweet and delicious. Glad to see it get a good review on here. Also, service was wonderful, but apparently I get good service wherever I go…

  • So – that’s the restaurant! The people who run the restaurant in Redondo Beach offered me free meals for my participation (a.k.a. losing my voice in the veggie parade), but I couldn’t remember what restaurant they were talking about.

    The food looks great though – I may have to take them up on their offer.

  • That teriyaki sub needs to be in my mouth right now!

  • it takes me on average between 30 and 45 minutes to get to loving hut, but its always worth it, traffic or not! i always get something different too. must try: asia paradise, teriyaki kabobs, ocean basket, and the cheesecake!!! all the ‘meats’ are juicy, succulent, and full of flavor! and each specialty drink has something… well, special about it. one of my new favorite vegan eateries.
    now im craving it all! i’m going to have to head out there again this weekend! lol

  • the au lac salad is soo good , you guys have to come to one world in covina next time! , the menu is VERY similar, and they are having a buffet today ! http://www.oneworldveggie.com/specials.html

  • i will risk brainwashing for those chicken nuggets.

  • Everything we’ve had here has been great – I love that salad. But as a paranoid over-protective mom, we take our Loving Hut to the park, away from Supreme Master TV (Dude, how nefarious does that sound? I want no part of that.)

  • Hi Miss Anthrope
    I chanced upon your web site accidentally when I was searching for vegan vegetarian dishes. We have Loving Hut restaurant in Malaysia too and their food was really very nice! The prices are really affordable too!

    They have been featured in the local newspapers here and people drove for hours just to get a taste of Loving Hut Food!

    If you are in Malaysia next time, you may be interested to visit Loving Hut Malaysia too! I have given you their web site address above.

    BTW, you take very nice photos of the food! Makes me feel so hungry now! Gotta go for my lunch now!

    Good bye!


  • I went to Loving Hut in Tokyo…so good!! They are supposedly opening in New York, I can’t wait 😛

  • Loving Hut is the “FIRST” fastest growing VEGAN Chain Restaurant in the whole world!! there are already opening 100th + more shops all over the world! as their goal is to show people the righteous way and lifestyle – The VEGAN WAY. The group that is associating with the Supreme Master Ching Hai and the TV station is promoting the Vegan messages all over the planet, it’s cool to have a group like that who totally just GO FOR IT…lol… I hope we can have a Vegan Planet soon.. I can’t wait to see that coming.. maybe very soon..
    Thanks to Quarry Girl’s blog too, showing us the V way!! and way to GO! ^_^

  • Wow, this loving hut sounds like its making a real good impression, my dad is actually following the teaching of this “supreme master”,she’s basically a spiritual master, and although to skeptics they appear to be “cult-like”, I can assure you that their intentions are for the better and to spread the word of veganism and its benefits for health and the environment, theyre not considered to be a “religion” but it rather brings in all the teachings of different religions and connects them together in harmony, nor do they neglect science, in fact they embrace the relationship between spirituality and science. lol so the only ‘brainwashing’ involved really is for you to become a vegan. Hope this somehow gives everyone a little insight 😀

  • Wow I am such an idiot!! I had a couple hours free today, so I drove all the way over to Loving Hut (it’s quite a trek for me.) When I reached there it turns out they are closed on Mondays. Why did I not check their hours before I got into the car?!
    Anyway, I will go back on another day, I keep hearing good things.

  • Loving Hut is just awsome, the food is always very tasty, the staff is always very nice and vegan, and they simply are working their butts of to spread the vegan word all over the world. Cultish ? Maybe the word “Supreme Master” is scary for some, but i guess its largely that some people misunderstood. I actually always enjoy very much to talk with LH people because they are the most openminded and positive people that i meet and far from being “cultish” in the negative way..
    So far i’ve been to Loving Hut in Taiwan, Tokyo and Bangkok… 🙂

  • I went to Loving Hut today and had a lovely time! The lunch specials were very good, and so were the vegan desserts. I will be going back for sure.

  • i just did put the Loving Hut up for a nomination at the Ecorazzi for the “food and drink” category.
    they just are awsome, always active and promoting veganism, and opening vegan restaurants worldwide, and the food really is just great. i feel they are a little bit underestimated in the vegan scene so thats why i feel they should be nominated and WIN !!

  • We have a small Loving Hut Café now in Brighton, UK and it does the best cheezecake. Me and my 19 year old daughter are both vegans and love this place. They do good food at a reasonable price and are really lovely people. It’s just really nice to go somewhere regularly where you never ever have to think about whether something you order may have animal products in it.
    And they have cheezecake. Did I say that already?

  • I’m really torn about Loving Hut. The food is great and purely vegan restaurants are rare BUT… Supreme Master doe NOT live a modest life yet she promotes it to her followers and tells them money is not important, and receives funding from her followers to open up her businesses. I’ve read only her followers work at the restaurants which makes me worry where my tips go. I really don’t know enough to say if it’s a cult or if anything shady is going on. Look up what Supreme Master has to say about Mars, it’s pretty funny and will let you know how enlightened she is. There’s a pretty long video of her speaking about Mars and it’s surprising anyone views her as a spiritual leader. To each his own but I’m not comfortable supporting a vegan restaurant that might have an agenda beyond promoting the vegan life style.

  • silverlakerunner

    I was in Alhambra today for a work related meeting, so I hit up this place for lunch. I had the chow mein which was pretty good. I recommend this place if asian vegetarian food with mock meats is your thing.

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