• vegan gelato at harrods. holler!

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    harrods is what has to be the dopest motherfucking department store ever. located on brompton road in london’s knightsbridge, it’s absolutely massive with over a million square feet of selling space and 330 departments. you can buy everything from groceries, to a flat screen tv, to a car, or even a house at harrods. you can probably adopt kids there as well…who knows. i’ve only been to harrods a few times, and while i love wandering through the enormous space and drooling over things i could never afford to buy, the one thing i have left with every single time is a cup of vegan gelato.

    vegan gelato at harrods in london

    vegan gelato at harrods in london

    in addition to a massive food hall, harrods has a wicked impressive gelato bar stocked with approximately 80 billion flavors of morelli’s finest. they even offer a few decent vegan options (all fruit flavored, unfortunately)…and while it’s definitely no scoops, i’ll fucking take it! on my last visit i got the lime flavor, and it really hit the spot.

    vegan morelli's gelato at harrods in london

    vegan morelli's gelato at harrods in london

    the gelato bar is typically super crowded, especially if you go on a weekend, so it’s pretty hard to get a seat. you can order the gelato to go….but don’t let them catch you eating it in the store, or the harrods security guards will kick your ass. because i’ve never been able to get a seat at the bar, i always end up eating my vegan gelato while ducking into a corner right outside the store, sometimes in the pouring rain. what we vegans do for our gelato. sigh.


    87 Brompton Road
    Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL
    020 7730 1234

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