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    April 10th, 2009quarrygirlcafe muse, LA restaurants

    i’ve got some good news for y’all los angeles vegans: cafe muse in hollywood is now offering soy cheese! woo! if you’ve never been to cafe muse before, you should definitely check it out. the modest little coffee shop/restaurant serves up an almost entirely vegetarian menu and has loads of vegan offerings. they help you identify the vegan items on the menu by putting a little star * next to all the stuff that contains dairy. well now, vegans can eat most of the starred menu items as well, by substituting vegan soy cheese for normal cheese. that’s right…the pizza, quesadilla, nachos and chili cheese fries are no longer off limits!


    i celebrated yesterday by hitting up cafe muse and ordering a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. they use follow your heart for the vegan cheese, and as you can see they don’t have the melting technique quite down yet. while the grilled cheese sandwich was decent and i appreciated the fact it had both mozzarella and cheddar inside it, the fake cheese was just a little clumpy for my taste. i wish cafe muse would start carrying teese from chicago soy dairy, because i’m pretty sure that’s the best vegan cheese that’s readily available here in los angeles. oh well.

    not your mama's grilled cheese (vegan-style): made with two types of vegan soy cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. $7.95

    not your mama's grilled cheese (vegan-style): made with two types of vegan soy cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. $7.95

    despite being called a grilled cheese sandwich, which sounds really decadent, this meal was pretty light and healthy-tasting. there wasn’t much cheese on the sandwich, and the whole thing tasted toasted…not grilled in a butter substitute or anything like that. it came stuffed with little sun dried tomatoes which gave it a slightly sweet and tasty flavor. i was expecting the sandwich to be much more unhealthy, so i got it with a side salad instead of sweet potato fries. all together, it was a pretty good meal….albeit expensive at 8 bucks.

    i don’t think i will order this sandwich again, although i definitely want to test drive the vegan cheese on the nachos and pizza. i will let you know how that turns out. in the mean time, if you want a healthy meal that will not disappoint, grab one of cafe muse’s make your own salads. for under ten bucks you can get a f-ing HUGE bowl of salad with any fixins you desire. my favorite combo is the grilled garlic-soy tofu with vegan ranch, although they also offer four varieties of soy chicken as well. you can’t go wrong.

    make your own healthy salad with tomatoes, mushroms, onions and added tofu. $9.50

    make your own healthy salad with tomatoes, mushroms, onions and added tofu. $9.50

    so check out cafe muse if you haven’t already, and support their decision to carry vegan cheese. maybe it will be more melty on the other menu items.

    cafe muse
    6547 Santa Monica Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90038

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  • It’s a good offer; I agree, Teese would be better. Good find! Now – who wants to have dinner tonight? No, I’m not kidding.

  • Nomnomnom. I want to go back there! My wrap was pretty good, but yeah, a little spendy.

    I ordered my first block of Teese, you can bet I’ll be trying to make grilled cheese with it.

  • I love how LATE they are open, too!

  • I know how they can get that Follow Your Heart to melt!


  • OMG.. I feel like you were reading my mind. I was thinking about checking out Cafe Muse and their vegan cheese.

    Maybe someone at Club Muse might be reading your blog and take up your suggestion with teese vegan cheese.
    I would love to eat my quesadilla with melted “cheese”

  • Funny that I was just checking out the Cafe Muse menu 2 or 3 days ago and now you’re featuring it! I haven’t been there yet, but I’d really like to give it a go as soon as possible.

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