• M Café de Chaya stars in an iPhone commercial!

    September 11th, 2008mr meanerm café

    While watching an iPhone commercial online earlier today, I noticed that the Vicinity application from the App Store was being used to find M Café (sadly the Culver City location, which I have never been to). 

    This commercial also airs on TV all over the country, so it’s a nice bit of (hopefully free) publicity for one of my favorite LA take-out places, with predominantly vegan options. Rock on M café – either you paid Steve Jobs to feature your restaurant, or you lucked out randomly.

    I’m going to pay the Culver City location a visit sometime soon — it looks easier to get a table in, and less full of pretentious assholes than the Melrose outlet. Stay tuned!

    For your viewing pleasure, the entire video is below, the action starts at 0:15:

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  • I noticed that on tv a while back, I wasn’t sure if that place in Culver City had anything to do with the Melrose location or not. M Cafe is now a part of pop-culture.

  • Wow good eyes! The good thing about the Culver City location is the abundance of parking. There’s a meter area right before it, and the Trader Joe’s parking garage, too. The Melrose location is aways hectic due to the mobs at Pinks.

  • The Culver City location (at least on weekdays) is very laid back and has not been crowded when I’ve been there. Service is also quick and everyone is very friendly…

  • woo-hoo for pro-vegan commercials!

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