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    August 6th, 2008quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    if you go to san francisco, i highly recommend you eat at herbivore as many times as you can, ’cause that’s what i did. the menu is massive, the food is all vegan and everything tastes amazing. we made two stops at herbivore on the quarrygirl road trip, once for breakfast and once for the most delicious lunch. we dropped in to the valencia location on a sunday at 11am and the place was already in full swing. the service was a bit slow, but the meal more than made up for it.

    grilled tempeh sandwich: lettuce, tomatoes, onions & pickles on french bread w/ garlic-lemon sauce. $9.50

    a tempeh sandwich has the potential to be pretty boring, but in this case it definitely wasn’t. first off, the tempeh was juicy and perfectly flavored, and there was slice after thick, luscious slice of it piled high atop the bread. the french bread itself was fresh and baked just right: fluffy and pillowy on the inside, crisp and chalky on the outside. not to mention the crisp vegetables and the runny garlicky sauce. dude! it was great.

    did i mention it came with a light and tasty side salad, as well as some ridiculously good potatoes? they served ours with breakfast potatoes that were so much better than the ones we had previously at the other herbivore location. they didn’t even need hot sauce to make them flavorful…which means a lot coming from me!

    next up, and definitely the eating highlight of the entire road trip, we ordered the grilled seitan shawarma. now, i’d read about this before and knew i’d love it, but nothing could prepare me for the delicious repletion it provided.

    grilled seitan shawarma: with seasoned onions, tomatoes, hummus, hot sauce, pickles & tahini in a wrap, with a green salad. $7.75

    i got my wrap without pickles of course, and i gotta say it’s the best meal i’ve had in a long time. each bite was a flavor explosion, oozing creamy hummus and oily hot sauce. it was so freakin’ scrumptious. the seitan was also top notch—peppery, thick and juicy.

    in this case, the picture really doesn’t do the food justice. but i guess a photograph can never really capture the most savory wrap i’ve ever eaten. you will just have to take my word for it!

    i’m hoping herbivore opens a location someday in los angeles. did i mention they also have a dessert menu, a full bar and tap beer? it’s about time someone gave pure luck a run for their money.

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  • See what I’m sayin’ about the shawarma? I am jonesing for it so bad now looking at your photos!

    Hard for me to understand why Herbivore gets bad reviews (and from folks who’s opinions I trust no less!)… everytime I’ve eaten there it’s been nothing less than awesome.

  • foodeater- yeah, i read some bad reviews on yelp and was astonished! me, i couldn’t get enough of the great food. god, the shawarma!

  • Yesss! Yum, I love Herbivore. I had some crazy curry noodle dish last time I was there and it was amazing. I ALSO had lunch at Pure Luck today. Happy to see that the damage from the wreck wasn’t too bad – and they were hard at work on the patio. I hope they open it before I have to move across the country!

  • oh my GAD, shawarma!!!!

    See, I’m from Ottawa, where for whatever reason there’s shawarma *everywhere*, and I used to live off of the chicken version. In fact, I’ve been trying to recreate it at home, slowly (I just figured out the pink pickles, hurray!).. um… I just rambled. haha! but anyway, I am jealous of your delicious shawarma experience! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  • the thing about herbivore is it is not consistent. i lived as a vegan in SF for 6 years, blocks from herbivore. it gets old, it gets sloppy. especially the newer location on divisadaro. my other vegan friend calls it “the mcdonalds of vegan food” OUCH!

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