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    August 5th, 2008quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    i knew when i visited san francisco that i’d have the chance to sample some lovely vegan restaurants. what i didn’t know is that i’d find a place as great as herbivore. herbivore rocked so much, in fact, that i visited it twice in a row. while i may have missed out on other fine SF vegan establishments in my brief gustatory endeavors, at least i managed to hit up 2 different herbivore locations…and i will bring you reports from both. (special thanks to foodeater for the recommendation.)

    after miles driving from santa rosa, we pulled up at the herbivore on divisadero street for a morning meal. i was totally craving some items from the lunch menu, but because it was around 10:30 am, i was forced into eating breakfast. poor me.

    breakfast burrito: black beans scrambled tofu or tempeh, guacamole, vegan sour cream, and potatoes. $9.25

    i opted for the tempeh burrito and by any standards, it was bloody amazing. but even though the waiter assured me it didn’t contain bell peppers, it came completely filled with the motherfuckers (which i hate). maybe i should have known better after seeing the logo for the restaurant that hung on the sign out front. next time i will ask twice.

    i had to sheepishly return the burrito because i just couldn’t eat around the pungent bell peppers. fortunately upon realizing their mistake, not only did herbivore immediately give me a replacement pepper-free meal, but they gave us a complementary slice of the most delectable banana nut bread.

    i don’t have pix of the bread or my pepperless burrito because they were both consumed in record time. (hey, driving through nor-cal works up a voracious appetite!) take my word for it though, the food was fantastic. what herbivore lacked in accuracy, they made up for in free shit and quality eats. despite the fact they nearly poisoned me with gross bell peppers, they redeemed themselves so much that i returned the next day for lunch.

    when in SF, go there. if you don’t, you are missing out!


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  • Just dropped off this AM. Run…don’t walk!

    And never feel guilty about Herbivore. I ate there not once, but 3 times over pride weekend. They serve breakfast. They serve amazing food. They serve alcohol. Why would anyone ever have to leave?

  • Yum! I would have soooo eaten your bell-peppery burrito for you 🙂

  • foodeater- they are all yours! bell peppers taste like the devil’s breath. i can’t eat ANYTHING they’ve even touched.

  • Next time you go to SF, you should go to Fellini’s, in Berkeley. They’re not a vegan restaurant, but they have many vegan options – when I was there, we went twice, once for brunch, with french toast (!), and once for dinner, with fettucini alfredo.

  • Douglas Novack

    I have a home in San Francisco and my favorite vegan restaurants are all right here. I love the Millennium, probably the greatest vegan restaurant in the world. I have been a customer since the first day they opened on McAllister Street. They never seem to amaze me with their creativity and unequivocal flavors and presentations. Every time I dine at the Millennium I feel as though I had a religious experience.

    I also love Cafe Gratitude. They are very consistent, fresh and delicious. The place is a fun place to dine and meet people.

    Herbivore is always a safe haven for vegans. Their food is usually consistent and good…..I normally get their salads and fresh squeezed juices.

    If you want to try something out of this world, try Dosa on Filmore. It is an eloquent Indian fusion restaurant. There are tons of vegan choices. I always get the sprouted mung salad and the beet soup. Really delicious and a fun place to dine at and have some drinks.

    Then there is Alive….It is small, very creative and delicious. They have a booth at the Saturday Ferry Building Farmer’s Market…..

    There are a lot of great places to go to in San Francisco. Most of the African, Moroccan, Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants are all vegan friendly and will accommodate you. I have a favorite restaurant on Polk street that is Moroccan and they are very accommodating to my diet.

    The Slanted Door at the Ferry Building and Out the Back Door at the mall on Market are very good too and just tell them you are vegan and they will put your order in special. I always get the papaya and grapefruit salads. Their dressing has fish oil in it but they will substitute it to make it vegan. The same goes for Betelnut on Union Street….Try the Citrus on Haight; their vegan Soba noodles and vegetable soup is amazing and really cheap.

  • QG & Douglas…thanks for all the great tips! We’re traveling to SF Monday and are planning on eating our way through the city.

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