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    July 30th, 2008quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    next stop on the quarrygirl roadtrip, crazy hippie sushi from santa rosa at tex wasabi’s! what makes these sushi rolls hippie, you ask? is it organic ingredients? creed of the establishment? psychotropic drug references? nooooooooo. it’s just the names of the dishes, of course—what more could you ask for as a tourist? if the menu makes me think i’m eating hippie food, then i’m gonna buy into it.

    morgan\'s earthy crunchy roll at tex wasabi\'s
    morgan’s earthy crunchy roll: tapioca rice paper roll with sushi rice, crunchy tempura bits, avocado, cucumber, julienne vegetables, daikon sprouts served with a ponzu dipping sauce. $6.95 (double order pictured, so i will have a double amount of hippie-ness and feel twice as close to the earth)

    woodstock roll at wasabi\'s
    woodstock roll: sunset mix, romaine lettuce, daikon sprouts, cucumber, avocado and topped w/ ponzu sauce. $7.95  (of course this roll reminds me of watching janis joplin, the who and jimi hendrix while under the influence of several unmentionable substances…but in sushi form. how did they capture the fantasy so accurately with just a few daikon sprouts?)

    in all seriousness though, this sushi was pretty tasty albeit a bit fusion-y. the rice paper was a welcome change from the nori i’m used to…and it was nice to have a wide variety of innards in my role, rather than the standard avocado and cucumber combo. morgan’s earthy crunchy roll was the favorite at the table (good thing since we got a double order); the crunchy tempura bits blended together with the creamy avocado tasted divine.

    although there’s not much for vegetarians to eat on the menu (most of the sushi has fish, and they also specialize in southern bbq) these 2 rolls are enough to please and definitely delicious. plus, the place has that chilled out rockin’ roll vibe that a lot of sushi establishments have been adopting lately. i like it.

    oh, and don’t forget to start off with some edamame. it’s the root of all that’s good in the vegan diet.

    eddie\'s mommy (edamame)
    eddie’s mommy (eda-mame): blanched soy bean pods, dusted with kosher salt. $4.25

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  • There might be hope for me yet! I completely lost the taste for nori when I became vegetarian (too fishy for me), so I’m very happy to know that rice paper wrapped sushi rolls exist. I don’t like avocado, but that could always be left out. Enjoy your trip!

  • Yeah…the burgers rocked 🙂 I’m so over Boca burgers. I try, but I just can’t really eat the boxed variety.
    BTW, if you’re going to go to Vegan Spot, I’m taking a fresh batch of pastries over this afternoon.

  • The sushi looks great! I wish more places did fancier veggie rolls.

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