• i worship seitan

    July 24th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    especially after eating this amazing bowl at native foods.

    greek gyro at native foods
    steamed veggies, quinoa, creamy garlic lemon sauce, peppered seitan, hummus and grilled flatbread. $9.85

    i really consider myself a seitan connoisseur—i like only the best shit and i am very hard to please. i’ve never found a homemade seitan recipe that lives up to my standards, and i am super picky about the brands i buy in the store. so of course i was a wee bit skeptical when ordering what sounded like a delicious seitan bowl at native foods. luckily, they stepped up to the challenge and made the best seitan dish i’ve ever eaten. and it was smothered in the tastiest, creamiest, hummus-iest sauce. delicious.

    greek gyro at native foods

    peppery and flavorful, this seitan is gonna be very hard to beat. definitely the best dish i’ve ever ordered at native foods. and as an added bonus, the bowl comes with protein-laden quinoa instead of rice. i loved every last bite.

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  • They do make good seitan! You know, I have their cookbook, but I’ve never attempted to make the seitan before. I’ll have to add that to my list.

  • That sounds delicious. While we don’t have a Native Foods restaurant around here, I recently got the cookbook, so maybe I’ll get my act together and make homemade seitan one day!

  • Man, that looks so good! I recently had their Gyro which is also made from seitan and it was fantastic. I still have to catch up and blog about it but I’ll post a photo eventually. It comes with delicious vegan tzatziki (yogurt-cucumber) sauce… highly recommended!

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