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    Well, the unavailability of most good vegan food in LA is very sad. What’s sadder is how available it is in Seattle, where I lived for a long time as a lowly vegetarian before I saw the light. The wonderful “eclectic vegan grocery store”, Sidecar for Pig’s Peace, stocks stuff I wish I could get at Erewhon or Whole Foods down here in LA and I’d shop there every day if I lived in Seattle, even with the unbelievably snooty person behind the cash register (lady, don’t shit on your own doorstep and poke fun of out of town vegans and where they live…). Fortunately, right across the street is an entirely vegan pizza joint, the only one I’ve ever been to and one I would (again) shop at every day.

    Here’s a medium pizza with roasted garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes and vegan cheese that I would easily upgrade to an extra large and take home with a nice bottle of wine if I had a home in Seattle. Can you believe this?! I was so impressed with a very nice man and lady behind the counter who took our order and let us read the vegan propaganda literature, especially about the pig sanctuary which the store across the street exists partially to fund.

    The service was fast and courteous, and the Ikea inspired (actually, Ikea SUPPLIED) interior was unassuming while comfortable enough for the short wait. I’d imagine that the vast majority of visitors will get their pizzas to go, therefore the restaurant only has seating for about 10 people.

    The pizza was perfectly cooked, had just the right amount of ingredients and was eaten in no time at all. I’m not sure what brand of fake cheese they used, but in typical soy-cheese style it didn’t really melt but lay there defying the oven temperatures.

    Here’s an ariel shot of the pie (pi?) as it arrived. Note how the etched glass table shines the light up? Makes it seem like the pizza is floating in air.

    Here you can clearly see the unmelted cheese, but doesn’t the pizza look delicious?

    Here’s another gratuitous close-up of a slice. This pizza tastes as good as it looks!

    A view toward the door on an atypical sunny evening in Seattle.

    The serving counter, and casual atmosphere.

    What’s this? Vegan-themed tee-shirts for sale! Woo hoo!

    The outside of the joint is so cute, I want to pick it up and cuddle it. I especially like the geeky pi=ratio of radius to circumference inference in the logo. Right up my nerdy alley, I can tell you.

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  • I have been to sidecar 10110110 times!
    great post.

    ur sooo right about the vegan pizza in L>A>
    ‘take matters into ur own hands’

    thanks for the post!

  • The calzones at Pizza Pi are even better than the pizza in my opinion! It’s my favorite vegan item in ALL of Seattle.

    I’m surprised you had rude service at Sidecar, the woman who runs it now is awesome (I’m not sure when you were in there)! Anyone you ever see behind the counter besides her is probably a volunteer, so I guess they can’t always control the “customer service” aspect, but I’ve never had a problem in there.

  • Oh yes, I love Sidecar as well and would go there every single day if it were in LA. Pizza Pi was closed though.

    The woman who was working at Sidecar was adorable and friendly. I did find the other customers a little weird. One woman kept glaring at my shoes (peep toe vegan heels) like they were leather and I was evil or something. Sorry, babe, not all vegans are hippies.

  • Meh, next time I’d head over to Greenlake to Turnpike Pizza instead. It’s not listed on the online menu but they have daiya cheese as an option. They aren’t a veggie pizza place, which blows, but their pizza is a hell of a lot better than Pizza Pi. Sorry Sidecar was rude to you. They can be a bit spiky. So worth it though, especially on bake sale days.

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